Gurpreet Singh Rai has created a new technology changing the industry.

NEW YORK, NY, November 13, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Gurpreet Singh Rai, a long-time entrepreneur and marketing strategist from UK, is now put into charge of as the company’s new CEO. And the man appears highly enthusiastic about his new role. Gurps Rai has a long track record of working with some of the biggest companies in the MENA region and in his role as a strategic solutions provider, he has been involved in making many key decisions for these businesses.

Indeed, the very fact that he has been chosen to be at the helm of Dropp in itself speaks volumes about the man’s ability. Since the first person to act as the company’s CEO (back in 2018) was no other than Andrew McCartney of Microsoft fame.

Now, as to, many are still not familiar about the business and exactly what it does. Those who have some knowledge of the company know that it is an interactive platform between streaming media and eCommerce. In other words, the Dropp smart video technology enables viewers of video content to shop for merchandises that are present in the video content in real-time, without needing to leave, or even pause, the video.

So, for example, you see on the screen, let’s say, a bottle of wine from a particular brand while you are watching the video. Now, if you feel like buying that particular wine, all you will need to do is to click on the wine bottle on the screen (while the video is still playing or you may pause it if you want) and voila! Your shopping is done! No need to do any research (if you were not sure what brand of wine it was); no need to go to a ecom site to do your shopping. Just a click on the screen of your device and your purchase is complete!

Sounds rather fantastic? But this is what has made into a reality. And this new-age shopping experience already has a name, too, and that is ‘In-content Purchasing.’ Rai explains that this has been made possible through the seamless interaction of the company’s patented machine learning technology, computer vision AL and its proprietary AI system. The technology is able to identify tagged products (or “Dropps”) embedded within a video content in real time and can then connect the ‘Dropps’ with payment, logistics, and ecom structures to make the ‘Dropps’ or tagged products instantly purchasable.

Due to this ability of the platform, Dropp TV has been already dubbed as the next-gen shoppable media by the industry insiders. One can already access this technology from different devices