Get to know how the AWS partner ecosystem system works and what factors you should consider when choosing an MSP partner for AWS.

CHICAGO, IL, October 26, 2019 /Neptune100/ — When you make your decision and choose your platform, for example, AWS (good decision btw) the next step will make you put more effort. In the pool of hundreds of companies, you must choose the one and only and not for all the money in the world. AWS takes care of its customers, so they created the AWS Partner Network.

What that is and how it helps to reduce your pain? The first of all it is the huge business directory listing 1,000+ companies, where you can find a partner for consulting or technical support or both. This is the place where 90% of the Fortune 100 and a huge amount of the Fortune 500 have search for solutions and services. Second of all the APN is a learning center, some kind of educational program that helps ecosystem participants adopt, deploy and scale AWS solutions.


AWS offers an extremely reliable, scalable and low-cost infrastructure. Constantly implementing improvements in its efficiency and innovating its services are AWS’s core value but it isn’t including the management of your cloud environment.
The main conclusion is – migration isn’t a destination, it is a stage of the long-term process.
Understanding the highest need of the expertise of outsourcing vendors in the AWS migration process is a must if you want to take the profit from it.

AWS has two partnership types: consulting and technology. Consulting Partners provide AWS professional services in areas of infrastructure design, migration and/or development of new applications. Technology Partners are companies that provide tools that are hosted on, or integrated with AWS such as SaaS and PaaS tools, AWS development tools, management, and security offerings.

AWS partner directory has listings organized:

by industry
by desired solutions
by types of services and workloads.

AWS offers partnerships through the type of need, but now customers no longer simply want the manage their current environment they want to move further and get all packages from analysis of their needs to simply bring them innovation that moves they forward.

By now you already know the basic background of Amazon Partner Network. Time to look at your needs and show how to find your AWS partner. Here are 3 factors you need to take into account:

Focus. When choosing a partner, you’ll want an organization whose sole focus is on AWS rather than several major cloud platforms.

Competencies and certifications. Partners have to invest in training and development to gain their certifications, and they should be continually adding competencies and certifications.

Engineering team. Current certifications include developer, architect, SysOps administrator, solutions architect, and DevOps engineer. While not all are critical to your initial management needs, they may become so.

Certainly, you have questions to ask of any partner you are considering, such as those mentioned above. But before you even get into that, there are questions you need to ask yourself.

Can you identify your goals? Do you want greater agility, faster time to market, adoption of new technology, and/or cost savings?
Have you set your priorities for those goals above? These must be communicated to any partner you choose.
Do you already have in-house AWS expertise? If so, what is that level of expertise?
Do you want to secure in-house resources or use a wholly outsourced solution?
If you plan to outsource, how involved do you want to be with management operations?

Whether you are just beginning your cloud journey or looking for a partner to take you to new levels of cloud services, we are your one-stop solution. We provide every client with unique consulting and managed services, based on their business goals, and design individualized blueprints for supporting their cloud infrastructure. Besides, we can proudly boast:

AWS-trained and certified pros
Continual investment in new tools and scripts to deliver the most current service levels
Proactive monitoring, real-time alerts, and reporting

Let’s make our cloud experience better today!

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