The app stratifies users as high, moderate or low risk based on their complication rate from a potential COVID-19 infection.

BIRMINGHAM, AL, May 02, 2020 /Neptune100/ — As the total number of confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) cases passed 3 million worldwide and the death toll exceeded 200,000 deaths, the government and people are still fighting tirelessly to isolate and contain the spread. Most of the interventional measures that were implemented focus on limiting social interaction, encouraging home stays, and shutting down local businesses. Such shut-downs have caused a substantial hit to the economy in an unprecedented way in recent history. In the United States, up to 30 million people filed jobless claims to the Department of Labor within six weeks. Healthcare authorities said that rushing to reopen the economy without adequate measures could have disastrous implications on containing the virus. However, having access to technology that identifies the high-risk individuals and allows early detection of symptoms, in conjunction with an increase of testing capabilities, can significantly help reduce those implications.

MedSolace Inc, a medical software company that provides cloud-based solutions for hospitals and patients, announced the release of their novel COVID-19 calculator as part of their HIPAA-compliant mobile application, MedSolace. This is the first scientifically-designed calculator to estimate the potential outcomes of COVID-19 infection using factors like age, gender, smoking, and chronic disease. It stratifies users into high, moderate and low risk, based on their rate of ICU admission or death. It also allows users to enter and track their symptoms for early detection.

“It is fundamental to know the people’s risk and geographical distribution before reopening the economy and to be able to detect the symptoms early using up-to-date technology. We can then work with health authorities to stage the reopening process efficiently while keeping the people safe using targeted messages and notifications,” said Brian Bowman, Chief Operating Officer.

According to an analysis done by MedSolace’s medical team: “If a small city opens with 100 infected people, assuming the infectiousness of COVID-19 (R0) is 2.4, 10% of patients end up being asymptomatic and 80% effective case-isolation for symptomatic individuals, then the number of infected individuals might exceed 2,000 in one week.”

“However, when that city implements a digital risk stratification and stages the reopening process to start once every 2-3 days, then that will provide a time window to detect new symptomatic cases and isolate them. In that scenario, even if the economy reopened with 15% high-risk individuals, the number of new cases will only grow by 60 within the first week, most of which will be mild cases,” added John Robson, Director of Sales and Marketing.

The mobile application also includes a messaging center which allows the users to receive targeted notifications from MedSolace and health authorities in regards to testing locations, telehealth, and other health-related recommendations.

MedSolace uses the HIPAA-compliant servers of Amazon AWS, one of the highest security servers available, and facilitates a simple user interface for an easy and smooth experience. The application is available for free through Apple and Play Store.

MedSolace is the first HIPAA-compliant application that provides users with a personalized and highly secure medical cloud to which they can easily upload their medical records, diagnostic images, and lab results, and access data uploaded by their providers.