Sometimes it takes a rant to drive a point home!

PHOENIX, AZ, August 25, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Silent Sector has years of expertise building cybersecurity programs across multiple sectors to save companies’ bottom lines, create a competitive advantage, protect their resources, and reduce vulnerabilities. Now, they’re sharing some of their secrets in their new book, Cyber Rants: Forbidden Secrets and Slightly Embellished Truths About Corporate Cybersecurity Programs, Frameworks, and Best Practices.

Silent Sector sees many mid-market and emerging companies struggle to build an effective cybersecurity program to protect their organizations. Cyber Rants was written for all those who have a responsibility to oversee a cybersecurity program for their company but don’t necessarily have a security or highly technical background.

Cyber Rants offers the reader a blend of both strategic and tactical cybersecurity knowledge, combined with some humor, ranting, and industry secrets that most don’t reveal. It can be read to gain a strong understanding of how a resilient cybersecurity program is built and kept as a desk reference for needs that will arise for most organizations over the course of business.

“Business and technology leaders are already raving about Cyber Rants. We’re incredibly thankful for the opportunity to share the knowledge that will help protect mid-market and emerging companies which are the backbone of our Nation’s economy and way of life.”
– Zach Fuller, Co-Author, Founding Partner of Silent Sector

If you are a business or technology leader and need guidance to help navigate the seemingly endless cybersecurity requirements, options, products, and services, Cyber Rants exposes the truths, helping you cut through the noise and make better decisions to protect those you serve.

Silent Sector, a leading cybersecurity company based in Phoenix, AZ, is now releasing their international best selling book, Cyber Rants to paperback. Cyber Rants is for everyone looking to implement a cybersecurity program for their organization, improve their current program, or simply learn what is required to protect the company and people they serve. It’s sure to shake up the cybersecurity industry with the information and the truths being shared here.