Are You Ready to Experience a New Dimension of Travel, Tourism, and Technology?

BOSTON, MA, September 29, 2020 /Neptune100/ — 3TRealities, Inc., a stealth “experiential intelligence” startup, announced today that they will be introducing an “Experience-as-a-Service” to a select group. With the constantly changing consumer mobility and virtual reality landscape, and in light of recent global events, there has been a tectonic shift in the way individuals interact with people and places. The service will combine travel, tourism, and technology in a novel way to deliver social immersive experiences. It will be offered to a select few launch explorers who are eligible and hungry to experience the world from the comfort of their homes.

Seth Fabricant, CEO and co-founder, struggled to share the joy, language, and culture he encountered on his international trips and adventures with his grandmother, who had limited mobility, using only photos and videos. He always dreamt of ways to bring these experiences to her in a more meaningful and personal way. That was the inspiration for starting 3TRealities: to bring others the joy of travel and exploration through an immersive experience that could be available to millions.

“We are creating a social, safe, exploratory environment — letting our users explore what they can’t explore today; whether it is due to the pandemic or any other physical or financial limitation,” stated Fabricant. He added, “Assembling a team of creatives, ‘experience intelligence’ technology experts, and travel industry veterans, we have spent years researching and integrating emerging technologies to bring this service to life.” Explorers, destinations, and tour guides are brought together by the service and provided with previously unseen virtual live experiences to create a rich, unique ecosystem. With a community of real-life explorers and an AI-curated construct, users can share and experience their favorite destinations in virtual reality.

3TRealities will emerge from stealth mode in the coming weeks with the financial backing of prominent investors.

To be included on the exclusive list of early pioneers, visit 3TRealities to apply:

About 3TRealities

3TRealities is a stealth startup developing an ecosystem to provide “Experience-as-a-Service” by combining innovations in travel, tourism, and technology.