Looking at a world in 2021 which a “new normal” way of life had begun. One noted travel advisor, Matthew Keezer, has made his extensive travel industry knowledge available for those who are either currently travelling or preparing to to travel.

MONTREAL, QC, March 03, 2021 /Neptune100/ — What will the availability of a COVID vaccine mean to the travel industry?

At the end of 2020, countries began to see the approval of the various vaccines. This presented the obvious conclusion that, when an acceptable number of people have been vaccinated, world-wide travel will once again become available to the general public. Experts suggested that, initially, local travel and domestic vacations will appear and then international globetrotting will soon follow. However, what experts didn’t anticipate is how quickly all this will come about.

This is the main reason why travel experts, such as Matthew Keezer, have suddenly come under the spotlight. In a post-COVID-19 environment, travelers have presented a number of questions regarding travel and its availability once someone has been vaccinated. In addition, the need for assistance with travel and answers to detailed questions has eclipsed the ability of “cheap” online travel scheduling to offer necessary consumer travel support.

To what degree does our post-COVID world travel environment benefit from the use of travel experts?

No matter what can be said regarding post-COVID-19 travel, once thing is for certain – questions and concerns require answers that will facilitate our travel plans. One of the biggest concerns has to do with the effectiveness of the available vaccines. Fortunately, the new COVID-19 vaccines are performing even better than expected when it comes to keeping recipients from becoming ill. Here, we’re looking at numbers such as 90-95% and vaccine effectiveness after just one month (with a second vaccination given 21 days after the first one).

Will being vaccinated save time and money?

Now that we’re seeing those who are the most vulnerable to COVID-19 (the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions) being vaccinated, the general public is currently becoming vaccinated as well. this is the point at which being vaccinated will begin to carry the most impact when it comes to facilitating one’s travel.

For example, Matthew Keezer has pointed out that Cyprus currently has plans (as of March 1, 2021) to allow those with vaccination documentation to bypass their COVID negative test requirement. Other countries are also planning to relax quarantine regulations upon confirmation of vaccine effectiveness. These changes will see a reduction in cost when it comes to travel.

Even local travel will experience lower costs and time-saving advantages for travellers when it comes to having been vaccinated. For example, those who wish to purchase upcoming concert tickets from TicketMaster may benefit from the company’s efforts to put vaccination verification in place. This same trend will soon be seen when it comes to tourist spots and other local venues such as restaurants and stores.

What’s the bottom line when it comes to COVID vaccinations and travel?

The main thing to consider is that current travel to different locations will be affected in different ways when it comes to being vaccinated. This is the reason why expert travel advisors, such as Matthew Keezer, have vocalized the need for those who are travelling, or expected to travel in the future, to seek the advice of a travel industry expert. Additionally, these differences will be evolving as time goes on and you will want to know exactly what the current situation has to offer. This is particularly true for those who are planning to travel to more than one location during their trip.

An experienced travel advisor can also offer travel location suggestions to those who want to reap the current benefits that may be offered due to their post-COVID environment. For example, many tourist locations that were once considered overcrowded are now far more enjoyable with the reduction in their tourist populations. Now that we are looking at a post-pandemic world, this can be the best time to plan or reschedule that vacation you’ve always wanted.