Evidence shows a number of young men tried to blackmail Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle centre into giving them hefty sums of money.

50m each and that if their demands weren’t met then they would claim he had sodomised them.

New information reaching us reveals that Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga through his henchman Aggrey Gershom Kanene have been behind the smear campaign against Kayanja. Jackson Ssenyonga was caught in an audio planning the campaign he was also caught mentioning the access he has to the first lady of Uganda and how he can call her anytime for anything insisting that she is involved with the whole plot and is in support. 

In addition Ssenyonga has an extensive record of black mail and criminal activity both in Uganda and the United states as well as lying to the president that there are mass graves in churches. In the US a federal investigation was opened against him in the US in 2008 for sexually assaulting a girl on a plane where he pleaded guilty when interviewed upon his arrest his response was “she didn’t look 13 i thought she was older”. 

This smear campaign goes way back to 2021 when a group of youth stormed Rubaga Miracle center with allegations of non-payment and sodomy.

Recordings reveal how Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian life church Bwaise planned the whole thing with the young men led by one Moses Muwaguzi.

Other recordings show how the youth made calls amongst themselves to plan the smear campaign back then in 2021.

In one of the recordings, Pastor Ssenyonga agreed to fulfill Muwaguzi’s wish of buying him a house in return for 10 videos pinning Pastor Kayanja over sodomy.

The promise of the videos proved to be hot air for they simply didn’t exist

Muwaguzi bragged in the meeting that he should be rewarded soon because he was the only one among the five who recorded a video and put it out.

In response, Pastor Ssenyonga gave him his private line and promised to handle his issue in person for the good job done.

Well, Pastor Ssenyonga went on to promise the group Heaven on Earth and coupled this with a promise to take them to meet Janet Museveni the first lady.

In due course, all these proved to be empty promises. Even the initial 3m each was promised proved to be a mere fart in a storm. They each were given three hundred thousand.

Some of the youths who took part in this botched ploy had worked at Pastor Kayanja’s farm in Kiryadongo an area where they had committed a number of aggravated assaults and were on the run from the Kiryandongo police.

As played out back then in 2021, the long arm of the law caught up with them and they were later arrested and jailed.

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