The Hmong People will Continue their Mission Until the Hmong Nation will be Recognized as a Country

ST. PAUL, MN, June 02, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Despite the Coronavirus pandemic effecting millions of people around the world, the Hmong people continue the fight to establish their own country, initiated originally in 2006 by Seng Xiong in Washington D.C. The question remains however why a Hmong Country has not been recognized by the White House, while other foreign countries have been recognized on U.S. soil. It is not illegal to seek a Sovereign state under the Charter of the United Nations. As a result of the lack of changes made by the United States government, the Hmong Nation remains a stateless nation. A stateless nation is a group of people or nation that currently does not possess its own state. An example of this is the Hmong people, originating from China and who were forced to move from their very own country due to arguing over farmland. The Hmong people relocated to Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, and after World War II, over 40 thousand people relocated to Minnesota.

Today the Hmong State is a United States based non-profit political entity representing the Hmong people in Asia who have been facing non-stop wrongful prosecution since the end of the Vietnam War. The collective goal of the Hmong State is to lobby the international community to peacefully help solve the Human Rights issues in Asia while simultaneously seeking a self-ruled sovereign state where they can continue to expand, sustain and maintain their identity, rich culture and history. The end goal is to help the near endangered Hmong people in Asia and simply live peacefully like the rest of the world.

Today the Hmong people face an uphill battle as last year the Trump Administration shrank the refugee program to the smallest resettlement numbers in decades with further plans before the pandemic to attempt to dismantle the program completely.

The mission of the Hmong people are peaceful and rightfully deserve to be a Hmong Country on U.S. soil, while declaring the following mission under the Hmong Tebchaws Anti-Communist Defense Funds. The Hmong people declare themselves to be free from Communist political ideology, philosophy or propaganda. This includes declaring themselves to be free from Communist domination and occupation of their ancestral lands, Communist persecution and genocide. The Hmong people resolve to be free and independent to pursue self-government and to freely govern themselves in their ancestral lands. Last, their mission is to defend against Communist perpetration, operation and infiltration to the Hmong people and Hmong Communities in the United States and abroad. Please join the fight to help support the Hmong people rightfully establish their own state.

About Hmong State

For more information, about the Hmong State – Peacefully Fight for Equality for the Hmong People please visit, call 612.404.9697 or email [email protected].