Green Farm-Tech says it has received an unprecedented increase in interest in its vertical farming solutions amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

HONG KONG, May 29, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Hong Kong-based vertical and urban farming technology innovator, Green Farm-Tech (HK) Limited says the global novel coronavirus pandemic is responsible for a near tripling of interest in its vertical farming solutions.

Although much of the world appears to be making tentative steps to emerge from the lockdowns that have effectively slowed global economic activity to a crawl, many supply chains remain severely disrupted leaving many people without access to fresh produce when they most need it.

Green Farm-Tech, which produces state-of-the-art vertical farming infrastructure that can be managed by a highly-sophisticated, proprietary artificial intelligence system, says the pandemic’s effect on manpower has been devastating but it believes the surge in interest is being spurred by an emerging need for greater localization of produce and a desire to reduce reliance on supply chains with too many working parts.

One positive development from the Covid-19 pandemic has been a marked reduction in pollution and greenhouse gases over major urban areas around the world. Green Farm-Tech says it is witnessing a growing desire among customers for the recovery from the pandemic’s economic effects to demonstrate greater consideration for environmental and sustainability concerns.

“People are definitely looking at this pandemic as a wake-up call and as an opportunity for a permanent change in the way we do things that is kinder to the planet,” said Green Farm-Tech’s Chief Technology Officer.