OneSkin, an enterprise created by Brazilians and situated in the Silicon Valley, received support from investors and will launch this year an innovative anti-aging product which offers higher quality in the human skin aging process.

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL, July 08, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The covid-19 pandemic brought unimaginable impacts to the world. Even though the moment is different from great historical pandemics – like the Black Death, for instance – similar feelings emerged at a global magnitude: anxiety, fears, uncertainties and an increasingly bigger concern with longevity. Presently, however, we live in an absolutely different context from the one experienced during historical pandemics due to evolution and technology.

Scientific and technological solutions are today agile and efficient, capable of placating great fears of the crisis, but in order that they develop at the right speed, they need investments. In the modern world, startups take the lead in the pursuit of solutions to develop the future.

According to the Associação Brasileira de Startups (Abstartups) (Brazilian Startup Association), in four years, from 2015 to 2019, the number of startups in Brazil more than triplicated, going from 4,151 to 12,727 – a jump of 207%. Among the main factors of this growth are the investors from corporate ventures, who bet on the development of startups with great potential.

Development of science and of technological solutions is actually a long-term investment, in which it is necessary some time of maturation, so that there is return. That is why startups are always seeking constant investments made through corporate venture capital.

Brazilian enterprise situated in the Silicon Valley receives investment and today develops solutions for longevity

Even with the pandemic, life expectancy has increasingly extended in the last decades thanks to development of technology and, today, concern with longevity is among subjects worthy of note. According to data published by the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE) (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), the number of people above 65 years of age currently represents 9.52% [of the population] and in two decades it will rise to 17.01%.

That is why making people conscious of and developing solutions for rejuvenation led Carolina Oliveira, from Minas Gerais, who was already in the Silicon Valley working with laboratory development of stem cells and production of skin, to decide to undertake that idea. Thus, OneSkin was born.

From a new developed molecule, the OneSkin team produced a compound to rejuvenate the skin. “We have the expertise to grow human skin in a laboratory, so we managed to show reversion of aging”, explains Carolina.
Far beyond deaccelerating marks that time makes on human skin, OneSkin seeks to extend the time people live with health through genetic development and to prevent diseases associated with aging.

“Our objective is to understand the aging process and to identify which is the root of the problem, where we can act in order that we manage to reverse that process,” explains the CEO.

Brazilian entrepreneur invests in OneSkin to transform the course of genetic development

Brazilian entrepreneur, CEO of 2Future holdings – entrepreneurial group which represents operations in three continents from a Family Office – Luís Felipe Neiva Silveira declares that what attracted him when investing in OneSkin was its human capital, composed of PhDs, committed people with a purpose of changing the world.

“OneSkin has started with small steps, but with grand purposes, and we have already envisaged that the path built up to this moment will be the necessary foundation to impact people’s life. In this second semester of 2020, three years after our first investment, the enterprise will launch its first product,” highlights Luís Felipe.

The new product developed by the startup is an anti-aging cosmetic compounded by a peptide – already patented – whose main object is to stop aging and rejuvenate the skin.

“OneSkin’s cosmetic is focused on eliminating senescent cells – those which don’t reproduce anymore – and on really rejuvenating the skin. However, this is just the beginning, since the enterprise has already been working on expanding its studies to other organs of the body,” explains the investor.

Genetic development, properly speaking, is the study of how genes control growth and development of an organism in its life cycle, and the impact of its evolution – in genomic studies – will be unprecedent.

“I’ve followed integrative and longevity medicine for six years. Within it, I’ve learned that something which does me good, won’t necessarily do you good. I believe that the so-called precision medicine will bring many fruits to our well-being, to the health system and, why not, to the economic activity,” concludes Luís Felipe.