Pure Health, the largest laboratory operator in the Middle East, has taken immediate response to the threat of 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

DUBAI, UAE, February 07, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Novel Coronavirus 2019 – Immediate response to the threat by Pure Health.

Over the past few decades, we have heard of several viruses emerge, such as MERS, which killed around 800 people and SARS, which killed 3 out of 10 affected. By now, we have all heard of the new novel coronavirus, which originated from Wuhan, China. The new coronavirus (2019- nCoV) became identified after several people developed pneumonia without apparent cause and were also resistant to treatment. Given that the virus is still new, there is still a lack of information about it. What we know so far is that the 2019-nCoV is zoonotic, which in simpler terms, means that it transmits from animals to humans. However, unlike previous viruses, the host animal has not yet been determined. It has also shown evidence of human-to-human transmission, which has caused a worldwide scare. Since the start of the virus in December 2019, the virus has now reached 24,000 cases confirmed and in several countries across Europe, North America, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. The virus has a link to the seafood and wet animal wholesale market in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The first confirmed death due to the virus occurred on January 9th, and as of February 5th, the number has risen to 492.

Symptoms of 2019- nCoV are fever, cough, and shortness of breath, possibly leading to viral pneumonia. Scientists are now saying that one could have the virus before displaying any symptoms.

In response to this contagious virus, Wuhan and 15 other surrounding cities are under quarantine, affecting over 50 million people. The country terminated all transportation by train, air, and buses

WHO (World Health Organization) has declared this outbreak as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, primarily because of the possible effect this virus could have if it spreads to countries with weaker healthcare infrastructures.

Pure Health, the largest laboratory operator in the Middle East, has taken immediate response to the threat of 2019-nCoV. Within the first week of the 2019-nCoV outbreak, Pure Health in collaboration with health authorities in U.A.E., are taking on the virus in full force in their state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, Pure Health’s Molecular Biology Diagnostic Department has highly qualified and trained staff, which are following all safety precautions and bio-safety measures, which are in line with WHO’s safety and testing guidelines for 2019-nCoV.

Pure Health is the largest internationally accredited ISO-15189 laboratory operator in the Middle East. With the trust of the Federal Government, Pure Health aims to offer the highest level of laboratory testing in the region.

Symptoms of Coronavirus 2019:
Ill Feeling
Runny nose

How to avoid getting the Novel Coronavirus?
Follow all respiratory etiquette.
If you’re sick cover your cough and stay home.
Wash you hands with soap and water often and/or use alcohol-based hand gels.

About Pure Health
Managing 115 laboratories, Pure Health is GCC’s largest medical laboratory operator & medical devices distributor.

Pure Health operates the laboratories at some of the top hospitals in UAE. It is also the officially appointed third party by the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), for medical screening for pre-employment visas in UAE and also for New Born screenings in UAE.

Pure Health is the authorized distributor for some of the top brands in the Medical and Diagnostic Devices business. The company prides itself in its valued partnerships with Siemens Healthineers and other innovators in the field of Laboratory Diagnostic Devices.