Exciting new nanotechnology developed in Korea has created a medical grade mask that is reusable, lighter and easier to breath though than traditional surgical masks and safer and cheaper than home made cloth masks alternatives.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, July 30, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impact the demand for safe yet comfortable face masks to protect both workers and the public during the unprecedented times.

While medical masks offer high quality air filtration they are expensive and have contributed to a huge rise in medical waste.
Governments around the world have recommended people create home made masks however these don’t offer the safe protection as medical masks, can be difficult to make or buy and are often only able to be worn short periods of time due to comfort and their being hard to breath through.

Korean Manufacturer Soomlab have developed a unique nanotechnology, thinner than a human hair, mesh that can filter air to a degree equal, and in testing higher, to the medical grade “N95” masks used in hospital and infectious disease wards.

While being highly effective the hair thin filtration system is light and still easy to breath though increasing comfort and wearability when worn for prolonged periods.

Their elite grade mask the “Air Queen Nano Filter Mask” has even been awarded FDA approval as surgical grade protection in the United States. International testing has demonstrated the mask as safe, effective with no harmful chemicals used in production.

Most exciting is the mask is able to be sanitised using isopropyl alcohol, a product easily purchased at hardware stores and pharmacies world wide. The process is as simple as a 3 quick sprays or a 5 minute soak, allowing to air dry and your mask can be worn up to ten times with no significant reduction in the mask’s ability to filter harmful particles.

The ability to reuse means just 3 masks will offer hospital grade protection for a full month of wear. This represents not only a significant saving but also a massive reduction of medical waste and it’s impact on our environment.

Australian family physician Dr George Forgan-Smith reports:

“When I learned of this new technology I jumped on the chance to buy masks to protect myself, my family as well as my staff. Across the world Coronavirus has had a huge impact with loss of live, very significant health issues as well the possibility of future medical problems we may not even be aware of.”

“We know that COVID-19 is spread via droplets produced by coughing, sneezing and even something as simple as group gatherings such a choirs, churches and family gatherings. Hand washing, and social distance still have a very important role in stopping the spread however in situations where social distance is not possible, wearing a mask can save a life.”

Governments across the world, Australia, The UK, USA and Europe have recommended wearing masks as an additional tool to stop the spread of this deadly virus.

“When I heard of these exciting new masks I knew they were going to be a game changer. Cheap, reusable and easy to wear – this is a tool I use to protect myself, my staff, family and all those I care for.”

Soomlabs have worked hard to make these accessible world wide. With competitive pricing as well as free DHL and FedEx they are able to deliver to most corners of the world, in some cases as fast as 3 days.

Dr George sums this new technology as follows. “At first I was sceptical however on review of the multiple studies, awards and FDA listing I knew this was a product I had to let my patients know about. I immediately shared this information via my blog The Healthy Bear with a review of the SoomLab Masks in the hope that those who can afford will consider buying. Not just for themselves but their families, work and places of worship. Without a vaccine face masks are our best tool in staying safe. Ethically I had to share this information knowing we have environmentally sound, top level protection that is readily available without taxing the already stretched hospital supplies.

If there was one thing you can do to protect the people you love, I urge you to consider a quality mask. These tools can safe a life while the Coronavirus numbers continue to rise.”

Dr George Forgan-Smith a family doctor with a strong interest in public health and infectious disease. He has been a front line worker in the COVID-19 pandemic. He is strong educator, advocate and reasearcher for new technology that impacts the lives not just for his patients but his commuinty both local and world wide.