Gharana, loosely translated as home to a style of music, is a very interesting tradition of Indian classical music. Initiated in the medieval Mughal courts and has survived changes in patronage, political tempest and technological shifts.

LONDON, ENGLAND, November 15, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Vocalists and instrumentalists of various prominent gharanas will perform the finest khyal thumris and other compositions, weekly for an hour, demonstrating unique styles of some of the most famous gharanas which has assisted the survival of Indian classical music. It will be supported with a narration that explains development of the khyal which helped define the gharanas.

The Maestros of Bangla section will focus on the incorporation of raaga into Bengali songs with the compositions of Kazi Nazrul Islam that reached levels of full incorporation of Indian classical music into traditional Bangla kabbyo-gaan in a way that that other great musicians before him and after, had not.

Renowned classical artists from all corners of the world will include: Ustaad Shawkat Hussain Khan of the proud, prestigious Agra vocal gharana (that was made famous by Ustad Faiyaz Khan), Ustad Salauddin Ahmed & Sreemati Sanhita Nandi of Kirana style, Pundit Indrajeet Banerjee of Maihar sitar gharana, Pundit Gourishankar of Farukabadi table gharana, Pundit Chiranjeeb Chakraborty of Patiala vocal, Sreemati Alif Laila of Senia Maihar sitar and Pundit Omkar Dardarkar of Gwalior gharana vocal style and more. This festival is a must- see for lovers of music everywhere and anywhere.

Piya Mayenin, Artistic director of SurBandhan believes that arts and culture will prevail in any shape or form despite challenges of 2020 and beyond and always find ways to carry on.

SurBandhan, (est 2011) is an arts organisation with the aims and objectives of enabling South Asian arts, by curating rich events and workshops where musicians, vocalist, dancers, thinkers, all get-together in individual and collective expressions of their unique art. Upholding tenets of Indian classical music, SurBandhan engages innovations and collaborations with global contemporary arts. Providing themed events, workshops and talks that are carefully packed with educational content, offers growth to artists and audiences alike.