A tool to help children find comfort in welcoming foster siblings into their home

MAGNOLIA, TX, March 06, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Are you a parent needing a resource to help your child feel loved as you begin fostering other children? “Your Parents’ Love” is just for you!

As a foster mom in Southwest Missouri, Abbie felt drawn to write this book for families beginning their own journey into foster care. She and her husband have four children and have had the opportunity to love and care for many foster children over the years.

The foster care process can seem scary at first. “Your Parents’ Love” is designed to be a tool to help parents open a conversation with their own children and help explain what can be expected when welcoming new foster siblings into the home. Throughout all the changes that are to come, children will be reassured that they are always loved by their parents.

As a valuable asset that has already received glowing reviews from families across the US, this book will inform and inspire. “Your Parents’ Love” is written for both parents and children alike, and gives them caring insight into the fostering journey.

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