Local Artist Cedric Chevalley Holds an Event to Show the Power of Community

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 05, 2020 /Neptune100/ — International jewelry-designing sensation Cedric Chevalley held an event to celebrate the grand opening of his gallery in Santa Monica, California. The event was hosted by Pat Frey of Pat Frey Designs and Mara Edwards of Gotta Know Me Social, and was titled Fil Rouge – French for “the red line.” Frey dreamt up the concept of a red rope artfully strewn across the gallery so that, as guests milled about the space, they were able to follow the rope and gain a chronological understanding of the work made throughout Chevalley’s life.

Chevalley’s show was also a testament to his belief that in-person events and community-driven interactions are superior to the world we engage in online.

“We tend to stress over the exact right words and images to create a view of ourselves,” Chevalley said. “We measure our life on how many interactions we get from an Instagram post rather than how we ourselves feel. Instead of striving to improve our life with real tools, we attempt to boost our number of followers online.”

Chevalley displayed work from his wedding and engagement ring brand, Cbijou, and his namesake jewelry brand, Cedric Chevalley. Throughout the evening, guests were able to view the gallery and interact with one another through the artfully decorated space that included edible installations.

The evening was truly an opportunity for individuals to make real, in-person connections with one another, and to experience art in real time.

“How much of an improvement does social media contribute to experiencing life, when the purpose is to share it through Instagram?” Chevalley asks. “When the purpose is to bump up the followers and likes? Are we really experiencing the true preciousness of every passing moment?”

Chevalley’s insightful questions and his commitment to creating events that foster true human connection are a reflection of his own art: honest, authentic, and wholly unique.

About Cedric Chevalley
Cedric Chevalley is a Swiss artist who has created one-of-a-kind, contemporary jewelry pieces since 2001. He is the founder of the world-renowned Mood Collection™, a unique selection of minimalistic designs including rings that open and allow the wearer to create infinite customizations. After he sold this brand, Chevalley continued to develop his wedding and engagement ring designs under the brand Cbijou©. His contemporary jewelry is handmade, and is created entirely bespoke for each customer from revolutionary materials. Chevalley was awarded in Barcelona for the “Arte y joya” International Award in 2016, the A’design Award in 2018, and the Fashion Star “Eclat de Mode” Award at the International Jewelry Show in Paris in 2002. He currently lives and works between Switzerland and Los Angeles.