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VANCOUVER, BC, March 06, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Have you ever wondered why some people still feel miserable even though they eat healthy, do healthy activities and live healthy lifestyles? They still encounter chronic diseases, weight-loss resistance, hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, and digestion problems. The reason they still feel miserable is stress. Stress plays a gigantic role in our optimal health and wellness. So, how do you tame stress strategically?

The practice of “Mindful Eating” may help. What is it? How can it help and why is it so important?

Mindful Eating helps you slow down. Constantly eating on the go, multitasking, and engaging in gossip contribute to your health problems.

Are you feeling stuck with your body, stress, health, and work? Wonder why your belly, waist, and hips have excessive, stubborn fat? Do you want to boost your digestive and metabolic systems? Do you desire to increase your clarity of mind and prevent premature aging?

If so, this book is for you.

Mindful Eating for Vibrant Living is a fusion and culmination of three things: the wisdom of author Emily Regina Hsu’s mother and grandmother, the wisdom of the ancient Zen Meditations, and the wisdom from her prayers.

As with meditation, Hsu’s practice of Mindful Eating requires her to surrender herself into silence and stillness to experience the essence of food.

This book shares the author’s own healing journey and her clients’ experiences with the practice of Mindful Eating.

In this Short Read, Hsu shows you how Mindful Eating can help you get unstuck from your health concerns such as digestion problems, stubborn belly fat, and lack of energy in order to live vibrantly.

Welcome to discover the connection between stress and metabolism, the role of the autonomic nervous system, strategies to relax, the secrets of burning more fat, and the simple action steps to help you feel lighter, happier, and healthier.

Mindful Eating for Vibrant Living is a straightforward guide to living happily and vibrantly; the practice of Mindful Eating is easy, simple, and powerful. It is part of Hsu’s Transformational Coaching program.

Emily says, “My practice of Mindful Eating requires that I surrender myself fully into silence and stillness to experience the essence of food. As a result, profound joy, love, peacefulness, and hope overflow.

“It is important we are aware of what we are putting into our bodies so that we are fueling ourselves and not killing ourselves”, Steve Kidd, host Thriving Entrepreneur.

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Emily Regina Hsu is a Breast Cancer survivor, Functional Medicine advocate, wellness educator, and health ambassador. Due to high dosages in chemo treatment, she almost died two times. She is a Transformational Health and Life Coach in Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. She is passionate about prevention and root-cause resolutions. As a result of her services, her clients understand the root causes of their chronic diseases. They receive science-based and personalized recommendations for proper food, lifestyle, and supplements. In addition, they reconnect with their bodies’ authority, wisdom, and healing powers so they can transform into the best version of themselves.

Encountering an awakening health crisis, Emily Regina Hsu has spent two decades in studying and researching holistic and natural remedies for optimizing health and wellness. Her practice of “Mindful Eating” transformed and saved her life. The practice is a culmination of three resources: the wisdom from her mother and grand-mother, the wisdom of the ancient ZEN meditations, and the wisdom from her