New Rates for Individual Headshots Now Posted Online, Mobile Headshot Rates Remain Unchanged

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 20, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Headshots by The Light Committee, an award-winning Los Angeles headshot studio, has announced new headshot rates that are in effect immediately. The rates are for individual sessions while mobile headshot rates for corporate teams remains unchanged.

The new starting headshot rates range from just $125 for a one look and one retouch session. Full rate details are available online. In almost all cases for individual headshot sessions these rates apply, though custom rates are an option.

For people looking for acting headshots in Los Angeles, the most popular session is the two-look session. For business people looing for corporate headshots, the one-look and two-look session is evenly split. For people looking for modeling headshots in Los Angeles, the three-look session is popular.

The studio strives the make pricing straightforward. So, with prices now starting at $125, each additional look and retouch is basically $25 more. Printing is also provided on-site and starts at $20 to cover a setup fee and then $2 per 8×10″ print thereafter, which is industry-competitive.

About Headshot Sessions
Sessions are priced by the number of retouches desired. Each retouched photo is provided as a print-quality digital file and as a web-optimized digital file. Other usable photos from the session that are not selected for retouching are also provided as web-optimized digital photos but with no retouching. An online gallery is provided for a customer’s convenience to select photo(s) for retouching. Then, when the photos are ready, a download link is provided for customers to download all the ready photos.

Complete details about how a session works can be found here. Anyone interested in making a purchase for a gift certificate can contact the studio via phone, email, or messaging. Complete contact information is on the website.

About Headshots by The Light Committee
Headshots by The Light Committee is an award-winning headshot photography studio located in Los Angeles. It offers actor headshots, corporate headshots, model headshots, author headshots, musician headshots, and various other business portrait / head shot services. From more than 1,200 photographers researched in 2019, rated this studio as being in the top one percent best portrait photographers in Los Angeles. The studio prides itself on delivering the best headshots in Los Angeles with competitive affordable rates. More information can be found at

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