Pixarra presents Keys to Infinity, the worlds first endlessly streaming generative solo piano music platform that boosts focus, productivity and creativity.

BATAVIA, IL, July 24, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Keys to Infinity is an endless stream of beautiful piano music, never heard before, not recorded, but generated with algorithms moments before the listener hears it. The end result is harmonious background music, ideal for listening to while working, studying, reading, relaxing, driving, cooking, drawing, painting or just listening. The flexibility, classic beautiful tone, and precision of the piano make it a perfect tool for improving focus, attention, creativity, productivity, and concentration.

“Our process for live streaming is to generate all aspects of the music composition of a song, live, while it is playing. Even at the start of a song, it’s not yet known how it will end,” explains Ken Carlino, founder of Pixarra and creator of Keys to Infinity.

The composition is fed live into a meticulously modeled virtual grand piano for rendering of the notes as they are composed. In turn, these notes are streamed out of the back-end processors to the music distribution server. Seconds after the music engine generates a note, the listener is able to hear it. Each song is unique and carries logical, natural song progression and continuity.

“Our algorithms are constantly improving. We intend to routinely ameliorate them and update the configurations to keep what is heard, varied,” concludes Carlino.

Keys to Infinity is a project by Pixarra Inc., the company behind the famous digital art software TwistedBrush Pro Studio and related specialized art products. Pixarra has been in operation for over 15 years servicing digital artists with some of the best natural media technology that exists as well as software offerings in digital realms that are completely unique to Pixarra.

The family of Pixarra software products specialize in tools for the artist. From natural media, photo editing and illustrative styles Pixarra has software for everyone.

From the beginning Pixarra has had a primary focus on digital fine art and developed software to have one of the strongest, most versatile brush engines in existence. Our flagship product, TwistedBrush Pro Studio, has over 9000 brushes and is suitable for all forms of digital art. More focus products from Pixarra include Paint Studio with a focus on digital painting, Tree Studio for creation of endless 2D trees, Liquid Studio with a unique way of painting and construction art, Blob Studio which can be considered 2.25D painting, Luminance Studio where you can magically paint with light, Pixel Studio with a focus on small scale pixel-by-pixel art and Selfie Studio with a focus on portrait photo editing and awesome effects.