Finding Purpose and Strength in the Midst of the COVID-19 Crisis

CLINTON, MD, May 25, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Don’t let the COVID19 pandemic set you back! Read, Yes I Did It!: Beauty Brains Belief,™ by Parthenia Warford a teen mom, military career woman, and single mother who fought struggle after struggle, but still managed to move forward and overcome. Each page of Yes I Did It!, provides encouragement and action plans to deal with difficulties and hardships and come out on top.

No one has it easy in this world. Still, no one should be left alone to deal with all of the difficulties and hardships or left alone to work through the sense of worthlessness, insecurity, loneliness, and despair. How does she know? Ms. Warford has been there. This book provides guidance and light for those who have endured pain, heartbreak, and disappointment and ignored the naysayers and embraced the well of inner-strength provided to us through our beauty, brains, and belief.

As a new author, Parthenia has pushed out a book that is already causing a positive impact. Read some of the latest reviews praising Ms. Warford for sharing some of the most traumatic experiences of her life and providing solutions for those enduring the same issues.

“After reading this book, no one should ever complain or take life for granted again. Ms. Parthenia has a massive heart that has been broken, mended, repaired and her transparency in this memoir will inspire any reader, especially women that through faith and forgiveness, life can go on! She is such a positive role model for me; despite her many challenges that she’s overcome, those that she still deals with, she connects humanity with divinity. There is nothing that God cannot do. ….Again, thank you for serving not just our country in the Military, but through your organization! What a TESTIMONY!” ~Ariel Brielle~

“Masterfully written. Parthenia chronicled the triumphs, heartaches, and disappointments in her life in a way, which made you feel like you walked every step of it with her. Her story illuminates her resiliency throughout her life’s journey, which she fought with a positive spirit and a genuinely open heart. A must-read, not only for single moms but for anyone who needs to know that there is a winner inside of them.” ~ Belinda Walker ~

“Absolutely beautifully written memoir. This hits a lot of things I personally don’t relate; that doesn’t affect my view on this beautiful story. The thing that spoke to me the most was the positivity and the way this was written! Otherwise, just the military aspect because my sister is a Sergeant in the US Army; so my pride runs deep I’ve got boots on the ground. ” ~@jsanders_bookreview~

If you’re looking for a book that acknowledges the importance of transforming your setback to a comeback, Yes I Did It!: Beauty Brains Belief,™ is the perfect book for you.

Ms. Warford’s book is masterfully written and an inner strength toolbox for women who are looking to regain strength during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Begin your path to redemption by ordering this fantastically written masterpiece in paperback or on Kindle at Those interested in having a ZOOM author and meet about her book please contact [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter at @TheWarford or LIKE her on Facebook.

About the Author: Parthenia Warford, is a retired US Army soldier who understands the trials of military life as a single mother. Her struggle to juggle motherhood, education, and serve her country created a seeded passion to start The Warford Foundation. She’s a decorated U.S. Army Shero who holds several military awards. She has earned two Master of Art Degrees in Acquisitions and Procurement and Organizational Security Management, along with a Graduate Certificate in Government Contracting and a Masters in Non-Profit Management. She’s a former executive assistant to the chief of staff for Army intelligence and served as a special assistant and senior security specialist to a political appointee of the Dept. of Homeland Security. After that, she continued to move up the ladder becoming an assistant director for the counterespionage division of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. Despite her career and education accolades, she remains committed to serving single moms and military widows