Johane Ligondé Launches Her First Book “40 Day Joyous Challenge: A Self-Coaching Practice Journal”

BALDWIN, NY, January 19, 2021 /Neptune100/ — On November 27, 2020, Johane Ligondé, also known as the Joyous Leader, released her first book “40 Day Joyous Challenge: A Self-Coaching Practice Journal” through Amazon and the book immediately became a #1 International Best Seller!

In this inspiring journal, Johane empowers and equips readers to become fiercely Joyous Leaders, in just 40 days. The book is a guide to ultimate joy in all aspects of life, such as social, romantic, spiritual, and self. Readers learn the 7 key elements to a joyous life, these core practices she refers to as the “Sacred 7.” It is her hope that by completing the challenges provided for each of the 40 days, it may leave readers feeling accomplished and uplifted.

Author Johane Ligondé says “In a time when we are reeling from the pains of the Covid-19 Pandemic, a fight for racial justice and economic equity, we all need a little joy. I pray this journal serves as a coaching guide for all of us to remember that joy is a practice and a habit. A percentage of the proceeds from the sales of this journal will be contributed to Sky Schools International, an organization that teaches young people how to access their inner power using the breath.”

“This is a self-coaching book that is sure to bring joy and happiness for many. It has certainly inspired me,” says Kathy Kidd, CEO of Authorpreneur Network.

Reader, Macy gave the book 5 stars and left the following review “This book has been absolutely life changing. We often hope to have a fulfilling, joyful and loving life amongst the chaos of the mundane. But to achieve this, you have to set the intention and do the work. This book shows you have to do just that with the Sacred 7! This book has helped me stay on track using these core practices and has taught me how to live a life of gratitude & own my power! I would highly recommend this book!”

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Johane Ligondé is the founder of Joyous Leader International and an award winning principal, educational strategist, yoga/meditation teacher, and executive coach. She has spent almost two decades helping young people, teachers, leaders, and executives create joyous spaces in their lives that nurture the heart as well as the brain to accomplish the highest levels of success. She believes that internal change is the impetus to systemic change. Johane empowers thousands of people from all over the world through her audio, video, personal development and leadership training programs.