Keith Landry, author of popular true Canadian crime stories Allumette Island Massacre and Three Other Canadian Crime Stories, Dalpe’s Crime Chronicles and Murder Tales from the Archives has just released his newest book.

REGINA, SK, July 25, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The Boarding School at the End of the Dirt Road is a fictionalized account about a year a young man and his brother spend at a boarding school in Western Canada.

Based on Landry’s own one-year experience at a boarding school, the book chronicles the boys’ adaptation to a more Spartan lifestyle and to being in the sometime cruel Old Boy-New Boy caste system. The two brothers are very different as are their experiences. One is apprehensive and nervous; the other is a geek.

As might be expected, some Old Boys use the system to lord over New Boys. They bully the softer, more vulnerable new arrivals.

It is a warm story about the brothers’ growth during a tumultuous school year that has the brothers experience situations that would definitely not have occurred if they’d remained at home.

Landry writes easy to read.

The Boarding School at the End of the Dirt Road is available from Amazon in both paperback ($12.99) and Kindle e-book ($4.99).