DOIT VISION won a big tender with total size more than 1000 sqm outdoor LED advertising screen in the middle east market with its outdoor IP68 LED display solution.

SHENZHEN, CHINA, July 24, 2020 /Neptune100/ — As we all know that, heat is the main challenge for outdoor and indoor led display. Recently, DOIT VISION won a big tender with total size more than 1000 sqm outdoor LED advertising screen in the middle east market with its outdoor IP68 LED display solution. This is an international championship with extreme tight competition with many world class brands of LED screen manufacturers involved. As a innovation design company, how DOIT VISION make it happened and became the last winner?

The trump card is the IP68 LED screen with more than 20 technology patents which can really withstand adverse weather conditions and 7/24 non-stop reliable working. In the market, there are lots of outdoor LED display solutions, but almost of them are not really fit in the middle east climate without air conditioners. To deal with the heat issue, the common ways are to build a powerful air conditioning and ventilation system, meanwhile also reduce the brightness result in less heat. Anyway, these are compromise solutions and bringing challenges for the budgetary, structural, weight, etc.

So, what makes the IP68 P5/P6/P8/P10 LED display unique and different from competitors? IP68 LED display utilizes a new patent technology of the LED lamp. Unlike the traditional LED lamp, the IP68’s LED lamp comes with a pin at the bottom to transmit the heats to the aluminum housing of the LED module through the PCB board full with, this greatly reduce the heat transmit to the PCB board and other electronic components on it. Base on the testing, 90% of the heat generated by the LED lamp will be off via the natural cooling and Thermal silica gel without affecting the PCB boards. This is can guarantee the screen will work under a normal temperature condition, the visual quality will not be affected and power supplies will not be full loaded. With this optimized heat dissipation design, the outdoor LED screen working without aircon system possible.

Brightness is another key factor especially working under direct sunshine. The IP68 LED lamp is smaller size of SMD2323 or SMD1818 in a round shape while other outdoor LED screen using SMD3535 or SMD2727 in square shape, smaller sizes of LED lamp help to increase the contrast ratio as the black area on the surface of the screen is 35% bigger. Higher contrast and 7000-8000 nits brightness make the screen more vivid and visible under the sunshine.

Besides, there are other optimized designs for the protection grade such as the silicon seal for each individual LED display module, anti-fire flat cable, power and signal cables. Certify power supplies, energy saving electronic circuit board design. More important is this product has been launched for years and DOIT VISION keep improving all the aspects by learning from the real application experiences. The efforts for development are not only on the paper.

With the right product IP68 LED display and great teamwork, DOIT VISION’s solution impressed a lot of the buyer. Sending free samples, testing and complete certificates assure that everything is on the right track. And finally, the job was closed at a favorable price which is really competitive, base on working without aircon system, much less structural budget and 5 years warranty. Thanks to the team, DOIT VISION is looking forward to next landmark job.


DOIT VISION is led by the founders, Kris Liang, 10+ years’ experiences in LED display, who formed the fast growing company in 2013, with the aim of creating quality, high performance LED displays for our customers.

We are design & manufacturing company of LED display base in Shenzhen,China. With customers in around 50 countries worldwide, DOIT VISION has sparked a global movement within the LED display industry, bringing value for our customers.

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