Manhattan Book Group was recently honored by Kev’s Best as the best independent book publisher in NYC. Manhattan Book Group is listed in the aforementioned article as the #1 option among 5 other indie New York City book publishers rated by Kev’s Best.

Some of the most prominent book publishers in the United States operate out of New York City, the epicenter of the publishing industry. Unlike the other book publishing companies in NY, Manhattan Book Group guarantees that the authors they select for their author program will land on Amazon Best Seller lists and attract major media coverage on sites like NBC, CBS, and FOX.

“We’ve worked very hard to differentiate ourselves from the other book publishers in New York,” said J.J. Hebert, founder and CEO of Manhattan Book Group. “I don’t think there are any other publishing houses in New York City offering any sort of guarantee on becoming a best-selling author or getting media attention from major news outlets.”

Manhattan Book Group also received praise from New York Weekly: “Manhattan Book Group’s hybrid publishing approach mixes the two sides together and guarantees results for authors who pass their vetting process. Manhattan Book Group is a reliable and viable option operated by a bestselling author with clear expertise in publishing. Highly recommended.”

Hebert touched on all the recent success and positive attention: “I believe that our unique author program, coupled with the heaps of praise we have received from New York Weekly and Kev’s Best, really make us the obvious option for authors searching for a publisher in New York or the United States as a whole … I’m obviously thrilled that Manhattan Book Group has been recognized as the top independent book publisher in New York City by such a credible source.”

More information on Manhattan Book Group can be found on the company’s official website. Manuscript submissions are welcomed through the site. Authors submitting their manuscripts do not need to be represented by a literary agent.