Alexa Servodidio’s is best known for being the host of “The Alexa Show” which airs on PBS and is available on YouTube on the Ask Alexa Therapy Channel. We found out there is so much more happening, behind the scenes, for our Westchester neighbor. Alexa also has a thriving private practice that specializes in a multitude of issues. Her client’s struggle [like so many Americans] with issues from anxiety to domestic violence. These days she does more virtually than in person as we adjust to the “new normal” of existence in the age of a pandemic. She treats adolescents, families, couples, and individuals. 

She is a multi-tasking, single mom, which is in itself inspiring. Her newly branded show, which puts forward a fresh new look, has guests that genuinely inspire. Something that we all need during a time like this. This week’s episode catches up with an entrepreneur powerhouse, Blanca Greenstein. She is a media mogul who followed her dream of building a webcasting empire after the tragedy. She was a well-known lawyer, went through a divorce, and trusted a bookkeeper who embezzled $150,000. Blanca’s law license was suspended, but she stood tall. She is embracing the opportunity to change her life and deal with the circumstances at hand. She says in the episode that “God had a plan.” Alexa’s new episodes with real stories like Blanca’s are authentic and refreshing. She is illustrating that in the face of adversity, there is a chance to thrive. 

Alexa herself has a triumph over tragedy story. After getting engaged, her excitement of finally being a mother was right in front of her. As her wedding day approached, her fiancé, dealt a deal-breaker blow. He didn’t want kids. It was a defining moment for her. After all, she waited her whole life to be a mom. She was shattered. Alexa then did what so many would be afraid to do. She took on the challenge by herself. At 43, Alexa made the brave decision to use a sperm donor and begin her journey as a parent. She underwent years of injections and numerous miscarriages. She made the conscious decision to endure the struggle. Last year, at the age of 46, Alexa gave birth to a healthy baby girl, who instantly became the center of her already busy world. 

In her downtime [which it is hard to believe she has], Alexa is an accomplished, award-winning actress. The Theatre Association of New York named her as the Best Actress in an Ensemble of her role in TANYS. She’s appeared on-stage and on-screen, since childhood. Her numerous New York appearances range from The White Plains Performing Arts Center to off-Broadway at the 13th Street Repertory Theatre. Her career as an actress has been as busy as her therapy practice. 

We asked Alexa how she mixes her life as an actress and a therapist: “I have been acting and modeling since I was a kid. It has taught me to approach all situations with no judgment. As an actor, you can’t go in prejudging a character, or else you can never fully embrace the role.” 

Her take away to everyone who is watching her expand her T.V. show and reach a new audience on-screen and off: “Always be faithful to yourself and surround yourself with positive people. Also, remember that you don’t owe anybody anything. People have to earn the privilege to know you and must gain your love and trust as a person.”

We see Alexa as a New Yorker to watch. We hope you will follow along with us, as her star continues to rise. Right now, it seems like a great time to start each day with a little positivity.  

Alexa Servodidio’s  first book, “Finding Your Peace Within The Chaos” can be found at:

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