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TORONTO, ON, January 19, 2021 /Neptune100/ — ORCA has recently partnered with AutoQuotes; a foodservice equipment focused database.

The new AutoQuotes listings means ORCA Digesters has made their onsite food waste solution even more accessible to clients, dealers, reps, and consultants. This widely-used and trusted software simplifies the process making it easier for a business to locate, quote, and specify foodservice equipment.

AutoQuotes is an innovative solution that allows the users to search and specify equipment into new or existing projects. All five of ORCA’s models are now available on AutoQuotes, making ORCA’s many benefits only a click away.

AutoQuotes gives users access to various product information from product data to spec sheets to warranties and design files. With this information, users can be confident that they are picking the right digester for their client’s project or operation.

In a recent interview, Robert Gates, Sales Director – North America, said, “Some of our most valued customers today have come from a relationship with a designer, architect or kitchen equipment provider. We are thrilled to be able to offer a far simpler method for them to specify the ORCA Technology as part of their designs or bids on upcoming projects.”

With this partnership established, they hope to make the entire process of obtaining the ORCA Technology more seamless and efficient while also helping to take garbage trucks off the road.

About ORCA Digesters
ORCA Digesters is a global leader in food waste recycling systems. ORCA designs, manufactures, and markets the innovative ORCA aerobic digester that allows for rapid breakdown of food waste in institutional and commercial settings. Through a microbial process, food waste is converted into a liquid that can be safely discharged into the sanitary sewer system. The solution creates meaningful cost savings for customers while diverting food waste from landfills and reducing emissions related to the transportation of waste. ORCA offers businesses an innovative and affordable solution for food waste disposal.

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