Breast Restoration AdVocacy and Education (BRAVE™) empowers women with knowledge of their rights and options to restoration and helps with resources for their journey.

SAN ANTONIO, TX, July 24, 2020 /Neptune100/ — BRAVE Coalition Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit breast restoration rights awareness foundation, is proud to announce a new initiative with Recovery Care Products (RCP) to provide breast reconstruction patients and the community the resources to aid in their recovery process.

RCP offers professional grade healing essentials to support the recovery process after surgical breast reconstruction. With its surgical care package specially created for patients recovering from breast surgery, the affiliation connects the dots between advocacy for women’s rights post breast cancer and the critical need for quality, safe and effective recovery care.

“As a surgeon, I focus on the surgical journey of breast reconstruction, and making sure the body is made whole. But the recovery is such an important piece of the process,” said Regina M. Fearmonti, M.D., Alon Aesthetics Plastic Surgery. “An affiliation of this nature creates a trifecta of impact for BRAVE; the doc/surgeon relationship, advocacy, and recovery.”

As an affiliate of RCP, the breast reconstruction community will be able to purchase Recovery Care Products through the BRAVE Coalition website at a discounted price, while knowing that in good faith and belief in our mission, RCP will donate 30% of the proceeds of every breast surgical care box back to BRAVE Coalition. The breast surgical care box is ideal for any type of breast procedure and includes pre- and post-operative essentials. And they now include an EZBra, the first and only sterile, disposable, and feminine post-surgical bra.

“At BRAVE, we believe it is our calling to share valuable resource connections, like Recovery Care Products and EZbra, who are working to help breast cancer patients on the other side of cancer. This why BRAVE has decided, to join hands with Recovery Care Products, as our first ever affiliation partnership. We are excited to be able to connect our community with a company which provides a product line which are relevant and meaningful to their journey,” said Christine Grogan, Founder of BRAVE Coalition.

BRAVE Coalition is dedicated to educating women about their right to breast restoration surgery following breast cancer treatment. One in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and only around 30% will be offered breast restoration rights and options. BRAVE’s mission is to empower women with education and resources to give them the choices and opportunity to experience life beyond cancer as her whole self, however she defines it.

If you would like to donate to help cover the costs of a patient in need of restorative surgery or to get involved with BRAVE, a 501©(3) organization, like our Facebook page at, visit us online at

About BRAVE Coalition Foundation
BRAVE Coalition Foundation, was founded in 2012 by Christine Grogan, an industry leader in breast restoration rights awareness to promote education and awareness of resources for breast cancer survivors.

About Recovery Care Products
The RCP family of products caters to patients preparing for and recovering from plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. Each item in our lineup has a unique purpose, designed to aid at a specific stage of the recovery process. When used together, our care products work synergistically to reduce discomfort, accelerate healing and optimize outcomes.

About EZBra
EZBra Advanced Wound Care Ltd was founded in 2014 and is focused on creating advanced wound-care products, for the unmet needs of breast and chest procedure’s recovery.

EZBra is a women-led startup and a part of the emerging Fem-Tech industry, focusing on women’s health and wellness. Our mission is to improve the lives of patients and allow them to recover with dignity.