NEW YORK, NY, September 30, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Cesar Gomez has been an entrepreneur since he was fifteen years old when he started his first business. He now runs a consulting company that emphasizes and focuses on the insurance industry. They provide value in the specialized training that consist of life skills: sales training, time management, character building, marketing, and branding.

Cesar grew up in a modest home, of modest means, but was always looking for a way to make money. He started his first small business mowing lawns, and continued this all throughout high school. He kept growing his lawn mowing services, and when he went on to college, he handed the business over to a family member. In college he started building computers in his dorm room with one of his friends, and he would also go out and sell them. They had an agreement where his friend would build them, and he would sell them.

“One of the key elements I learned in these two separate business ventures was realizing that I was not afraid of rejection, and that I would get an adrenaline rush every time somebody told me no. The reason being that I would take the time and reflect on my approach to be able to understand why the person said no to me,” he recalls.

That’s when he realized that his uniqueness and his talent was sales.

“From that moment forward, I have taken the time to develop and understand human behavior. I’m obsessed with being able to understand my talent, any evolving my talent which involves the science of sales,” says Cesar.

Cesar has always enjoyed getting himself involved in industries that need his help to solve their many problems. About four years ago, Cesar became involved in the insurance industry. There he saw the many problems that existed.

“There’s many active agents, agency owners, and brokers, still using Windows 95. They have no sales skills, time management, leadership, marketing, or branding skills. They have no automation to run their business, and they’re scratching their heads wondering why business is slowing down to the point that businesses are shutting down,” he states.

He has committed himself to reviving the agents, and agencies that understand the problem, and are willing to take specialized knowledge training to turn their whole business around. The reason Cesar got involved in this industry was to solve the big problems that exist.

What inspired Cesar to get into the insurance industry, was being able to see the lack of understanding on how we market, how we brand, how we sell, and how we automate processes and systems today.

“There is a huge problem in the insurance industry, they are very antiquated. By providing the valley of specialized knowledge to the industry, the ones that understand the value of it will win, and the ones that won’t will lose. That’s what inspired me to get into this industry,” he emphasizes.

For Cesar, his biggest challenge when starting a business was understanding that money is the byproduct of the problem you’re solving.

“Today, I tell anyone that’s trying to start their own business that the ideas, the service, and product are all great. But if that product, service, or idea is not solving a problem, the odds of survival are going to be minimal,” he says.

Another challenge he faced was making sure he had an understanding of the industry he was involved in by being able to have relationships and resources available in case he got stuck building his business venture.

Mindset was the number one thing for Cesar, not just when starting his business, but to be able to accomplish anything in this world.

“It is very important to be able to understand how to use our mindset, because understanding mindset is one thing, but going through adversity challenges, heartaches, setbacks, that’s what will expose the true mindset. I met so many people said that I have a strong mindset, and once they’re faced with adversity and challenges they crumble. So the most crucial part is to develop the mind by understanding that the journey his hard,” he shares.

Cesar Gomez has been able to overcome things like being financially bankrupt, losing his home, his cars, but has still been able to comeback from it all and created his own success. By using all of the skills he has learned throughout his life, he has been able to transform not just his life, but those of other business owners who have, thanks to Cesar, been able to revive and transform their businesses.

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