The Construction Defect Center is urging a homeowner in a new subdivision in California, Washington, Arizona, Oregon or Nevada to call them if their home’s wood-stucco siding is failing-and or if their roof-windows leak-“It may not be your problem.”

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 27, 2021 /Neptune100/ — The Construction Defect Center says, “We are launching a new initiative to identify homeowners in subdivisions who have recently noticed their home’s wood or stucco siding is cracking, warping, or is discolored in a home not older than four years old in California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada or Arizona. As part of this campaign-we also want to hear from homeowners in newer homes where their roof, and or windows-doors leak when it rains-again in a home not older than four years old. These types of issues are frequently expensive to fix–and we do not want homeowners in new subdivisions left holding the bag for repair bills-if possible.

“The reason we have targeted homeowners in newer subdivisions in California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Nevada is people who live in these types of communities rarely talk to each other-and that was before the Coronavirus. Because of the Coronavirus neighbors in newer subdivisions now avoid each other. We have been assisting homeowners for decades and the biggest problem we have is neighbors in subdivisions never talk to each other about issues with their homes. Most people like this do not realize that if the siding, roofing, or any type of subcontractor made a mistake on one home in a subdivision