The hottest days of summer are coming. West Texas and New Mexico in August suffer some of the highest temperatures in the nation. Now is the time to convert your old, leaking swamp cooler to a more efficient refrigerated air conditioning system.

EL PASO, TX, August 08, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Acording to Mike with SoBellas, “Not only will you appreciate the comfort and convenience of refrigerated air conditioning during these days when we may be spending more time at home, indoors;” scheduling a conversion today will allow you to take advantage of SoBellas Home Services’ limited time offer of temporary promotional financing for customers with approved credit.

You’ll enjoy a 0% annual percentage rate for up to 36 months, along with deferred payments for up to 6 months!

“Though the conversion presents some expense, most who have already converted think the cost was well worth it.” Said Mike. And the expense might not be as much as you anticipate. Two main factors determine the charge: the size of your home and the energy efficiency of the unit.

According to Mike, “The higher your home’s square footage, the more powerful the unit you will need to sufficiently cool the entire space.” The other consideration is the level of energy efficiency, as measured by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). This measurement could be compared to the miles per gallon figure we consider when purchasing a vehicle. The higher the number, the greater the energy efficiency.

In El Paso, a SEER of 14 is the lowest level unit allowed to be installed, as determined by the Federal Department of Energy. A 16 or 17 level SEER is a bit more costly at installation, but saves money, and energy, over the long term. Those levels are available at a price that’s affordable for most homes. Your current electrical and ductwork setups, if they are not compatible with the new system you are installing, may add moderate level expenses to the total cost of your new system.

Our comfort specialists respect customers at every step of the selection and installation process. They will first come to your home and do an analysis to fully understand your needs. They understand the intricacies of every system and can guide you skillfully in selecting the most appropriate size, and efficiency level for your particular home’s setup. SoBella’s only purchases refrigerated air conditioning products from quality manufacturers; we offer the best guarantees in the industry.

Mike says, “Our sales staff will never pressure you to make a purchase, but they will help set you up with products of your choice that best suit your needs.” You may rest assured, when it comes time to convert your old swamp air conditioning unit to a new refrigerated air conditioning system, our fully background screened staff will take the utmost care when working at your home’s location. We will do our best not to make a mess, and will clean up after our work session is over.

At SoBellas, we also carry industry leading indoor air quality equipment to support prevention of airborne illness, a definite concern as the risk posed by the COVID-19 virus continues.

Wrestling with an old and broken swamp air conditioning system on the hottest days of a southern states summer is no fun. SoBellas makes it so easy to convert to a state of the art, highly efficient refrigerated air conditioning system, there’s no excuse not to contact us for a consultation and a cost estimate.

For your convenience you can schedule a SoBella’s service request 24 hours a day. Don’t delay. Should you decide a conversion to a refrigerated air conditioning system is the best option for health and comfort this summer, you’ll want us to complete your assessment in time to save interest via our limited time special financing offer.