It aims to be the #1 cryptocurrency in the non-profit segment

Cow Inu, the currency that unifies the world, is a brand-new cryptocurrency created by a community of developers who are determined to make a difference in the crypto world. Cow Inu’s goal is to protect cows with the help of non-profit organizations and be the #1 cryptocurrency in the non-profit segment. The price is already doubled from its launch date price on Nove 26th and a much higher upward movement is expected.

“We are extremely thrilled excited to launch Cow Inu. “The world of crypto is so dynamic and transforming almost daily. We feel that the big dog movement in the crypto world is going to transition into a cow movement,” said Jaison Oliyil, founder of Cow Inu.

“A cow is a representative of the divine and natural beneficence, and hence we focus on protecting them by contributing bulk of our project proceedings into animal rights.” he further added.

Cow Inu’s vision is to digitalize the conventional currencies in the non-profit segment. The team is currently working on three flagship projects. The NFT and merchandise marketplace, provides an authentic marketplace experience. Goloka means the planet of cows.

A unique social application called ““ will allow organizations to accept cryptocurrency online, track and monitor the genuine completeness of each transaction and its delivery to the right person or organization.

Cow Inu’s team strongly believes in the future of new technologies such as automation, blockchain, IoT, and analytics and wants to educate the technology enthusiasts. Therefore, it is launching an educational platform on Crypto known as Cow Inu Nalanda.

Cow Inu’s reward system is based on Proof of Protection which means the system will reward those who protect animals. “We are transforming the mindset around traditional crypto rewards system from PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Stake) to Proof of Protection (PoP) – Cow Inu’s ground-breaking new ideology. We set aside 10% of our coins towards PoP rewards.” Said Jaison. Cow Inu offers a way to make wealth by genuinely caring about animals, nature, and the environment.

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About Cow Inu

A new crypto coin is developed by a community of developers with the vision to digitalize the conventional currencies in the non-profit segment. The cow is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

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