ExhibitDay launches it’s Free Virtual Event Planning Toolkit to help Event Planners plan Virtual Conferences.

BETHESDA, MD, June 02, 2020 /Neptune100/ — ExhibitDay, Inc., the creator of simple, free Exhibit Management Software, announced today the release of its Virtual Event Planning toolkit.

Integrated closely with ExhibitDay’s existing Trade Show Planning, Budgeting, and Collaboration tool-set, the new Virtual Event Planning tools help Event Teams plan their virtual events.

The Event Industry’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has primarily been a shift from in-person trade shows to virtual events. ExhibitDay’s virtual productivity tools facilitate this shift for event planners, conference sponsors, and event teams.

ExhibitDay’s service is offered on a freemium basis. The Free/Lite tier offers access to all the core features of the product, but, limits the number of users who can join a workspace. The paid Professional and Premium tiers have fewer restrictions and provide more advanced tools for workspace customization, budgeting, and measuring ROI.

About ExhibitDay
ExhibitDay is a free event planning, project management, and collaboration toolkit for event managers, exhibitors, and trade show teams.