Important tips to avoid costly hailstone damage

GLOUCESTER COUNTY, NJ, May 09, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Many people welcome the arrival of spring with open arms, especially in these uncertain times, however, business, and residential property owners should be aware that spring sometimes brings with it an increased risk for severe weather. This severe weather can include damaging hailstorms that can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damages to your home or business property.

Hailstorms commonly occur during this period (March, April, May) because the severe thunderstorms needed to produce hail are more common when the weather is warmer. Precautions must be taken because hailstones range in size from a small pea to even softball size. But regardless of the hailstone size, hailstones can do serious damage to your home or business.

Preparing Your Property for Hail

Here are few tips that property owners can do to make sure their home or business is ready for the damaging hailstorms this season.

1) Stay safe inside. Stay indoors during a hailstorm and try to stay away from skylights, doors, or windows.

2) Secure your windows and doors. Batten down the hatches by securing your windows with storm shutters. If you do not have shutters, you can use soft protective coverings, like blankets. Also, make sure storm doors are securely closed and intact.

3) Bring any outdoor items inside. Pickup outdoor items, including yard toys and furniture and store them in your shed or house if you need more room. Protect any items that cannot easily be moved. Cover any glass items and secure lawn furniture by using sandbags or ground anchors.

4) Keep the wind and water out. To prevent further hailstorm damage, keep materials nearby to cover broken windows or other openings around your property.

5) Use higher quality roof shingles. Installing stronger roof shingles would go a long way towards saving you money from severe hailstorms and protecting your property. The average lifespan of many roofs can be twenty years but roofs in hail and windstorm areas must be replaced every seven years on average!

Following the above tips will save you money, keep you protected during severe hailstorms and keep your insurance premiums from increasing!

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