Fine Tune added 12 new multi billion dollar clients while increasing customer satisfaction with existing clientele

CHICAGO, IL, January 15, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Fine Tune, a provider of “nuisance” expense management solutions, achieved tremendous success in 2019, highlighted by strong customer growth and the launch of its newest service in the pest control category. Additionally, Fine Tune increased employee headcount including a number of notable industry executives to support the expanding customer base.

“As we close out our 18th year in business, we’re delighted with the overall health and direction of Fine Tune. We’re adding employees in all areas and at all levels, investing in new technologies to further enable our experts to defend our clients’ bottom lines, and diversifying our service offering to add value in more and more areas for those clients,” said Rich Ham, CEO, Fine Tune. “There’s a lot to be excited about in 2020. I’m personally proud of this team and grateful for the relationships we’re building with our clients. As many expense management professionals are asked to shoulder greater burdens, they’re seeking out new strategies to tackle the “nuisance” expenses within their portfolios, and we’re extremely appreciative they’ve continued entrusting this work to Fine Tune. We are determined to exceed their expectations in the years ahead.”

Customer Growth & Success
In 2019, Fine Tune added 12 new multi billion dollar clients while increasing customer satisfaction with existing clientele and expanding agreements with new service offerings.

For example:
• A Fortune 500 medical technologies firm remains extremely satisfied with Fine Tune’s ability to centralize its uniform and facility services agreements. These agreements have reduced vendor spend on average by 45%, along with simplifying the management and scope of the category.
• A large global packaging company recently experienced Fine Tune’s expertise in understanding and leveraging total category spend after going through a large acquisition. Through consolidation and optimization, they’re expecting cost savings of at least 35% in 2020. Other areas to save on costs are now being explored, including waste and recycling as well as pest control.
• In 2019, The J.M. Smucker Company, an American manufacturer of jam, peanut butter, beverages, shortening, ice cream toppings, oils, and other products, accomplished more than double the expected annual savings in one category alone.
• Fine Tune partnered with a Fortune 100 global agricultural, food, health and pharmaceutical company to significantly expand their engagement in 2019.

New Service Offerings
In October 2019, Fine Tune expanded its services with the launch of an offering targeting the pest control category.

Fine Tune found that not only do customers chronically overpay for pest control services, but that most organizations are unaware of all the requirements of federal, state, and local governments which could potentially put the company at risk.

In that same month, Board Certified Entomologist and decorated industry expert, Keith Robinson, joined Fine Tune as its Vice President of Pest Control Services to lead the new division and help customers negotiate, audit and manage complex pest control contracts.

Technology & Systems Innovation
In early 2019, Fine Tune continued the evolution of its software by launching its new expense management software solution with improved functionality and reporting capabilities.

Most expense-related software solutions are oriented around either vendor management or invoice/accounts payable management and payment – neither of which address the issues surrounding expense management.

True management of expenses requires seamless connectivity between procurement, operations, and accounting which is the fundamental issue the Fine Tune system addresses. It combines unique contractual terms with account spend data in such a way to allow for seamless auditing and compliance analysis.

In addition, the system provides a pathway to further expense management enhancements such as optimization, right-sizing, bench marking and other cost savings initiatives.

New Faces & Roles
In addition to the hiring of Keith Robinson, Fine Tune added new employees and advanced several others into new roles.
• Matt Smith joined as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
• Richard Young joined as Vice President of Marketing and Communications
• Adam Stovall, Deborah Yarbrough, and Davin Murray joined as Account Managers
• Brian Gamble promoted to Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President of Uniform Services
• Lindsay Call promoted to Vice President of Operations & General Manager
• Ben Miller promoted to Chief Information Officer
• Trent Van Winkle promoted to National Accounts Manager
• Adam Berndt promoted to Regional Accounts Executive & Sales Manager

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Fine Tune partners with companies to source, negotiate, manage and audit certain “nuisance” expense programs. Led by executive-level industry insiders, Fine Tune has also developed proprietary auditing software which monitors client invoices to ensure adherence to the implemented agreements. Several of the world’s most recognizable brands have chosen Fine Tune, including Cargill, Pep Boys, Siemens, Advance Auto Parts, and Caterpillar. Visit The Fine Tune Knowledge Center for insight and guidance on procurement, operational and supplier challenges.