Jibun Bank is constantly endeavoring to mature sufficiently into a financial establishment with highest customer satisfaction.

DUBAI, UAE January 30, 2020 /Neptune100/ — With a unique approach to technology, Jibun Bank was created and curated for mobile telephone access. Launched in July 2008, Jibun Bank Corporation operates efficiently as a joint venture between KDDI – a major telecommunication service provider and MUFG Bank – Japan’s largest commercial bank. Its pure innovation has undoubtedly helped it garner more than 3.8 million customers in Japan, which is a relatively massive number for a mobile bank.

Jibun Bank is constantly endeavoring to mature sufficiently into a financial establishment with highest customer satisfaction – a “personal bank for each individual customer” – rendering exclusive financial services that are both accessible and reliable for every active user.

As a sheer mobile bank with no branches, Jibun Bank faithfully does provide a relatively wide array of smartphone banking services including deposits, loan, payment and currency exchange with a full bank license obtained early in 2008. The most innovative services of Jibun Bank absolutely should be its “AI Foreign Currency Forecast” (Released in June 2017) and “AI Foreign Currency Automatic Saving Plan” (Released in March 2018), services both using AI technology which adopted “Machine Learning” and “Image Feature Extraction” to analyze the huge historical exchange rates and provide predictions constantly to customers’ smartphone application.

Ms. Trishna Das, the Chief Editor of International Business Magazine commented:
“Nothing gets more innovative than conveniently carrying your bank in your pocket with the same amount of adequate security and accessibility as a traditional bank or financial institution. Jibun Bank has graciously assisted customers in crossing that threshold with apparent ease.”

From April 1, 2019, Jibun Bank became a consolidated subsidiary of au Financial Holdings, a 100% owned subsidiary of KDDI. As a member of the “au Financial Group”, Jibun Bank aims to play a major role in providing comprehensive smartphone-centric banking services in line with the “Smart Money Concept” and enhance customer experience. To achieve its goals above, the name of “Jibun Bank” will also be changed to “au Jibun Bank” on February 2020.

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