How To Make Working From Home Work For You

NEW YORK, NY, August 17, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Money Answers Show host, Jordan Goodman, invited Caitlin Pyle, founder of Proofread Anywhere and Work At Home School, to discuss the importance of building a strong skillset and why working from home is such a hot trend.

The Money Answers Show episode, “How To Work From Home – Work From Anywhere!” delves into the appeal of working from home and the growth of the gig economy in recent years. Working from home has become more of a viable option for many, both as a full-time profession or as a side hustle for retirement or to pay-off debt.

Pyle began her working from home journey by utilizing a skill she had—proofreading—to freelance and earn income. She eventually created two online courses in proofreading, both wildly successful, so others could follow in her footsteps. As more people became interested in her work (but not in proofreading per se) she began the Work At Home School for those who want to work from home but are unsure of how they can inject their skillsets into the workforce.

Working from home has advantages for those who are looking to be their own boss and create location-independence for themselves, explains Pyle. “So there are lots of advantages and one is the freedom and flexibility. For a lot of people, they’ve got families and they want to be there for them. Maybe they don’t want to be limited to only having the two weeks of vacation a year or only being able to go to the grocery store at 5:30 in the afternoon when everybody is there and it’s a circus.”

Working from home isn’t packaged with all positives, though. She mentions that with freedom and flexibility comes a bit of insecurity as paychecks aren’t guaranteed. There is also the need for self-discipline and motivation to ensure home workers are advancing towards their goals and retaining income. It may also be difficult for those who like to keep work and personal life separate, since home workers have to work in their living spaces.

It all comes down to your individual preferences and mindset, skills and marketing. Those looking for flexible hours and location will prefer not to have a career where you have to answer to a boss. Having a skill that is marketable and in demand is also vital. Marketing those skills and showcasing expertise online can also be the difference between gaining a regular client and missing the opportunity to get in touch.

So why aren’t more workers taking advantage of the digital platforms that allow them to work off-site and independently? Many people get caught up in the old ways of achieving success, like going to college and getting a degree to land a job in a corporation. Today’s digital economy offers other options. Some occupations require schooling but the way you leverage that schooling could also be unconventional.

Goodman and Pyle discuss various ways to earn income at home such as transcribing, proofreading, running a blog, photography, audio editing, and graphic design. There are also the popular side hustle jobs that don’t necessarily require extraordinary skills, such as Taskrabbit and driving for Uber and Lyft.

In the end, success comes down to passion, freedom, and accountability. Working from home is not a practical way to avoid work. Many times it requires more work than the traditional nine to five. It takes determination and a sharp mind to understand how to utilize one’s skillset. But once the right path is found, working from home can be a lucrative option.

For more information on how to begin the journey of working from home and how to leverage the new gig economy, listen to Money Answers Show episode, “How To Work From Home – Work From Anywhere!” and other great podcasts from the Money Answers Show.

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