NEW YORK, NY, August 16, 2019 /Neptune100/ — “Despite rejection, I feel that from a very young age it was clear what I wanted to achieve,” says Venezuelan actress Fefi Oliveira, who at her young age, is having a great impact in the television world with her participation in Nickelodeon Latin America’s Club 57 show.

Oliveira is an actress, influencer and model based in the United States. She achieved her degree in Journalism at the University of Miami. Since then, the actress from Maracaibo, Zulia State has participated in Telemundo productions such as Corazón Valiente, La Fan y Silvana Sin Lana.

Oliveira is also known for her role in Mi Familia Perfecta. Also, the actress has been known to offer motivational lectures and run health campaigns.

Oliveira, who was nicknamed charismatically by her fans as Fefi, left her hometown at the age of 16. Back then, she knew she had to overcome the limitations that already existed in her country. Her parents trusted her and supported her then, and today celebrate that she is a professional in the communications world.

Club 57 is a series written by Catharina Ledeboer that follows the adventures of Eva and her brother, who are accidentally transported to the past. In search of her home, Eva falls in love with JJ, one of the main characters in the series, and decides to stay in the past, unleashing a magical story.

With a mixture of music, dance, and time travel, Eva must now figure out how to return to the present without giving up her first love.

“Music plays a fundamental role in the production, with 15 original songs composed by Evaluna Montaner,” Fefi says.

In addition to her television career, Fefi has dedicated her time to being an influencer. “My dreams began with social media and then, opportunities and invitations to take part in television shows began to emerge,” she emphasizes.

“As I had my social media, I realized that people did not like seeing what they saw on TV, they liked to see different things, so I adapted my account to make different content, and that is when I was reborn and nicknamed “La Cuaima”, says Fefi.

Fefi says that her main goal is to be the first maracucha (nickname for people from Maracaibo) to bring an Oscar to La Chinita (Our Lady of Chiquinquirá), the virgin and patron of her native city.

Finally, Fefi wants to leave a message of encouragement for young people who are eager to achieve their dreams. “Every NO that comes to your life, should only mean a new opportunity. It does not matter how many NOs come into your life, as long as you see them as new opportunities. There is a new way to reach the goal. Trust yourself and trust what you believe.”

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