NEW YORK, NY, August 23, 2019 /Neptune100/ — There are few people as knowledgeable of the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) as Ryan Gilpin.

Forex is the largest market in the world, it determines the exchange rates for all currencies. In the past few years, Forex has become a very popular work option for people because almost anyone can get involved, but of course, not everyone can be successful in it.

Ryan Gilpin, a 28-year-old from Brooklyn, New York, is an example of success in this market. Before he got involved, he used to work at a typical 9 to 5 job.

“When you are young you are told to go to college, get good grades and eventually get a job. Unfortunately, I dropped out of college. I started working a couple of jobs. The last one I worked at only paid 7 to 9 thousand dollars a year.” He stated.

In 2014, Ryan stumbled upon Forex trading on Facebook, before the market started to be promoted. He quickly noticed that “people were making about 500 dollars a day, while he was making about 750 dollars a month,” so he decided to get involved.

“I just wanted to get more out of life. And long-story short: during my first month trading, I realized that Forex was something very simple to do. In my third month trading I made $20,000 and I walked away from my job.” ​Ryan said.

Ryan now lives in Miami, Florida. In January 2017, he launched one of his first companies, Technical Prosperity, which is a foreign exchange mentorship that will teach people how to trade on a day to day basis. It is not only about providing the trading service, but also about teaching people how to provide it on their own. Besides working full time on Forex, Ryan also teaches how about Forex trade through an online mentorship course.

Many people are involved in Forex, so what makes Ryan Gilpin unique? For one, he got involved in Forex way before the wave of people got involved. Secondly, he has a strong willpower to keep succeeding. He came from a life of failure, but he says he sees every failure as a lesson. Ryan also says he “can’t let anyone or anything get in the way.” In addition, he is a very analytical person, which allows him to see his work through multiple different perspectives.

“If something does not work out, I see what did not work out and why, and solve it.” He pointed out.

After years involved in the market, Ryan has been able to identify many challenges. One is the language barrier. For example, he does not know Spanish and a lot of his clients speak Spanish. In addition, he says there are a lot of haters.

“There are people who criticize your business or claim that you do not know what you are doing. But I have been able to show the results of my work over the years.” Ryan added.

Just as there are challenges, there are also a lot of benefits. One of the reasons Ryan got involved in the Forex business rather than in any other business, is the fact that he can do his work from the comfort of his home.

“This is a very big industry. It is bigger than the stock market. It is a trillion dollar a day industry. And I can get involved and work in this industry from the comfort of my home.” Ryan said.

Ryan describes his business as “rewarding.” Not only is it literally rewarding, since it has allowed him to be financially free–which to him means paying his bills without any headaches, but also it has rewarded him by opening many doors.

“When people start seeing what you do, you become a likable person and can get involved in other projects–you can invest in stuff you like such as technology or clothing.” He said.

In fact, success for Ryan Gilpin is not about the money, but about happiness. Success “is about what you can do with the money.”

So what comes next for Ryan Gilpin? He will continue to be 100% committed to Forex and Technical Prosperity, as well as continue teaching. But he is also thinking about getting involved in the real estate market and Amazon e-commerce.

In the meantime, his advice for people wanting to get in the same field is to get a certified personal accountant, and open up either an LLC or an S Corp. Ryan says that to do this would be to “take a step in the right direction.” He also recommends opening a savings account, and working on building credit scores.

Finally, Ryan never had a mentor when he was learning how to trade. “I taught myself,” he says.

Accordingly, nothing should stop people from getting involved, and if what people need is to learn how to trade, they can learn with Technical Prosperity.

For more information on Ryan Gilpin, please visit his Instagram profile @MyLifeRealQuick.