How the CGMA Designation Helps you Gain the Skills Needed in a Technology Driven Career

CHICAGO, IL, August 10, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The featured cover story of the most recent issue of New Accountant is entitled “The New Business ‘Space Race’: How the CGMA Designation Helps you Gain the Skills Needed in a Technology Driven Career“. This insightful piece is written by Brandon Osgood, Manager, Professional Media, Academic and Student Engagement, AICPA.

The title likens the emerging technology advancement competition among tech companies to what was known as the Space Race of the 50s and 60s between the U.S. and the Soviet Union for the race to get to the moon. Except, the current race is much more advanced and competitive amongst tech companies, given high consumer demand in a digital-first world.

The article highlights the role of CPAs in an advancing tech world and what is necessary to keep up with these advancements in the “numbers” world. The rise of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain to name a few, are changing the way CPAs are trained, educated and do their job. CPAs who possess these in-demand technology skill sets are hard to come by – and therefore, the initiative for CPAs to pursue advanced accreditation is desirable in this increasingly competitive, but inevitable tech shift.

In light of this, the importance of earning a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation is a huge step towards making accountants more desirable candidates for companies, allowing them to earn higher salaries and become valuable assets and earn higher responsibilities. The CGMA is the preferred designation for those accounting professionals who have opted out of a career in public accounting and are interested in a broader skill set through strategy, data analyzation and advanced digital skills.

Requirements for earning a CGMA designation are: 1) having a college degree 2) complete the CGMA Finance Leadership Program 3) have three years of relevant work experience.

The program is online, self-paced and offered in three levels depending on your current expertise, degree and whether or not you have a CPA license. The program applies real-life aspects by using case studies as exams, versus traditional, multiple choice questions. Since there is a cost associated with the program, students can earn a one year, all access scholarship for senior level undergrad accounting and finance students, or grad students pursuing a master’s degree in accounting, finance or business administration.

The author ends with this: “You can’t predict the future and know precisely how technology will shape business in the next 30 years. However, you can prepare by possessing a mixture of technical, digital, business, leadership and communication skills. By doing so, you’ll set your career up for infinite possibilities.”

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