The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of TimeoutIQ Technology to its online portal which offers Investors and Advisors the ability to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

AJAX, ON, March 01, 2021 /Neptune100/ — TimeOutIQ Technology Inc is a technology company specializing in complex custom app development.

TimeoutIQ Technology Inc has developed TimeoutIQ, the only AI-powered app available that both satisfies the need of parents to manage the screen time of their children unobtrusively and keep their little minds sharp using interactive STEM education-based gamification challenges.

TimeOutIQ® helps parents:
Learn what their kids are engaged in online
Know where they are
Customize their kids’ educational curriculum based on their grade

The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of TimeoutIQ Technology to its online portal which offers Investors and Advisors the ability to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

The OCMX™ has spent considerable time completing its due diligence on TimeoutIQ Technology and concluded that there is indeed a tremendous potential for this opportunity.

The OCMX™ noted that TimeoutIQ Technology exhibits the main components of any solid opportunity, namely a solid management team, a great track record, and a number of key competitive advantages.


Key Features of the TimeoutIQ app include:

• Customized Education – Parents can set the Grade level for up to 5 pre-teen children from Kindergarten to Grade 8 (Ages 3 to 11/12). TimeoutIQ®’s quality curriculum is designed by educators to automatically display Math, Science, Technology, Computer Science, Geography and English quiz questions/challenges from a vast library that’s growing every day.
• Gamification with Bonus Time – If their child is acing all the questions/challenges she’s asked, the parent can award her with bonus screen time with plans for badges and other rewards.

Machine Learning and AI – the app gets smarter and chooses more challenging questions if the child’s getting most questions right.


TimeoutIQ is looking to carve out and own a new market in the mobile app/device space for customized multi-grade level mobile education and parental control over screen time as an alternate to standalone apps.

170 million parents with children under the age of 18 in US and Canada are looking for frictionless ways to manage, monitor, and educate their children while they are online. TimeoutIQ is the only app that combines a screen time management and an education platform in one.


Shawn Desouza, CEO
15+ years of integrated demand generation, marketing operations, product and digital experience supporting Technology Start-ups and Fortune 100 Financial companies, holding senior Director and VP level position Built his own consulting and development practice D+A focused on Marketing Automation, CRM and data with 2X YOY growth. Ran Eloqua’s marketing as its first marketing manager and helped drive Eloqua’s revenue from 3 to 40 million in a span of 4 years.

Ashish Awasthi, CTO
15+ years of experience in digital technologies with a strong background in custom development. Extensive experience of managing large development teams. Held senior operations and engineering roles prior to joining Shawn almost 8 years ago and more recently leading the team on the TimeoutIQ as CTO.


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