Through her new program, Dream Business Bootcamp, Jackie Prutsman helps women kick-start their businesses in 6 weeks.

NASHVILLE, TN, March 22, 2021 /Neptune100/ — As an INC 500 Chief Operating Officer, Jackie Prutsman spent half of her weeks traveling for business at the expense of her personal well-being. When she left the corporate world and started her own business, her mission was clear.

“When women thrive personally and professionally, they make the whole world better but many successful women excel in that second piece at the expense of the first. I was certainly one of them,” says Prutsman. “I decided I wanted more and built a business on my own terms. Now I’ve created Dream Business Bootcamp to help women globally to do the same.”

As more women than ever are starting their own businesses, Dream Business Bootcamp was created to help them start with a strong foundation so they can create momentum early on.

Through the program which takes place completely online, Prutsman helps to women to kick-start their business and focus on key areas for creating impact over 6 weeks. The program teaches clients things like getting clear around their business idea, crafting a strong offer, pricing their services and marketing to attract the right customers.

“It doesn’t actually take long to learn these things but for a lot of women, it’s overwhelming and ends up being a reason to hold themselves back. In our program, we help them fast-track these foundational pieces so they can see the results they desire more quickly and without the overwhelm,” adds Prutsman.

The program is geared towards women who desire more purpose through their work and who want to make a positive impact on the world while creating time, financial and lifestyle freedom for themselves and their families.

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Jackie Prutsman a Nashville-based mom, founder, speaker and business mentor helping women entrepreneurs to create successful businesses on their own terms. She believes hustle culture is a big part of the problem and well-resourced women are the solution. Her mission is to help 100,000 women start impactful, freedom-based businesses they love.