GerVetUSA is delighted to announce an entire NEW range of Winglux Luxating Winged elevators for our valued veterinarians/dentists. Both cutting and elevation features, they are ideal to perform canine & feline dental extraction surgeries.

NEW YORK, NY, October 24, 2020 /Neptune100/ — GerVetUSA is enchanted to announce the complete new selection of Winged Elevators for our worldwide valued veterinarians. If you want to experience your old go-to winged elevator dental with the functions of cutting and elevation without fearing any malfunction or breakage in canine and feline dental surgeries; then Winglux known as Luxating Winged, is a perfect surgical instrument for your surgical kit. Our company aims to design and manufacture supreme quality user-friendly equipment to satisfy the small animal dental extraction specialties.

Veterinarians/Dentists usually have limited time to switch between instruments when your canine or feline is on a dental chair mouth wide open. They prefer to have their tools all well-organized and ready but there is always a hassle and chances of errors while using the separate dental tool for cutting, elevation, and luxation. GerVetUSA collected all the potential hurdles that you have been facing within the operating room. Our team worked day & night and founded Winglux Elevator that is an amalgamation of the luxating instrument with a winged elevator. Moreover, we have a feather in our cap to introduce the color coated instruments for the very first time in the United States of America. We endeavor to facilitate customers by fulfilling their surgical demands in terms of high-quality instruments, for the last three decades. We aim to provide extremely affordable and best equipment along with multiple variations that can meet all the feline and canine dental extraction needs of professionals around the world.

What GerVetUSA Inc. offers to the Veterinarians/Dentists?

We understand the significance of information and never compromise the quality of m0anufacturing dental tools. Therefore, our craftsmen are dedicated to providing life-saving products that a0re safe and efficient in veterinary dental practice. Just handle these basic dental instruments wit0h a little care and they won’t ever disappoint you.

• Winged Elevator Short Handle—used to stretch and expand the tooth socket; available in 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 7.0mm, 8.0mm sizes and sets of 5 and 8

Winglux Luxating Color Coated (Stainless Steel)—ideal for ligament cutting and elevation of the tooth from the socket; available in Silver 1.5 mm, Rose Gold 2 mm, Purple 3 mm, Gun Metal 4 mm, Gold 5 mm, Blue 6 mm, and sets of 4 and 6

Winglux Luxating Winged Sharpen Free (Titanium)—facilitate swift and sharp cuttings of the ligament but it cannot be used for holding or elevating; available in Silver 1.5 mm, Rose Gold 2 mm, Purple 3 mm, Gun Metal 4 mm, Gold 5 mm, Blue 6 mm and sets of 4 and 6

Dentists/Veterinarians can choose between stainless steel and titanium made dental instruments according to their needs and requirements. Facilitate your feline and canine dental patients at maximum and enhance your skills.

GerVetUSA manufactures and sells high-quality German forged surgical instruments, which have been utilized with great success by surgeons around the world for decades. Our dedicated research and development team has worked closely with some of the top surgical instrument design engineers, surgeons, inventors, and craftsmen in the industry. This has allowed us to produce and deliver high-quality and affordable instruments utilized throughout the surgical instrument industry.
Our instruments are used to treat patients in medical, dental, and veterinary markets. GerVetUSA specializes in designing and modifying products to the exact needs of surgeons for their specific specialties.