The Problem-Solving Path™ Offers Organizations a Proven Path to Standardize Basic Problem-Solving Knowledge

HONOLULU, HI, March 02, 2021 /Neptune100/ —, a company creating a planet powered by problem solvers who collaboratively contribute to the greater good, is proud to introduce the new Problem-Solving Path™: A clear path for anyone to solve problems.

“Our new Problem-Solving Path™ can help any organization standardize basic problem-solving knowledge and create a solid foundation for a widespread Culture of Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence,” says Karlo Tanjuakio, Founder & CEO at “This means harnessing problem solvers at every level to reduce costs, increase profits, and improve customer satisfaction.”

What Can the New Problem-Solving Path™ Do for Your Organization?

At, we understand that every team member brings a different background and perspective to a task. Our Problem-Solving Path™ arms teams with the knowledge to identify opportunity and puts this diversity to work for their organizations.

“Every organization has a myriad of little problems and small wastes — things that aren’t worth the attention of leaders and skilled problem solvers. But with many team members solving problems in daily work as they do their regular jobs, the organization becomes more efficient and effective,” Mr. Tanjuakio continues. “Small improvements over time lead to spectacular transformation when we all do our part to work toward a greater good or vision.”

The new Problem-Solving Path™ also offers team members an opportunity to distinguish themselves, making it easier for organizations to identify talent for further development. Employees will become valued members of their teams, feel more in control of their lives at work, and be less likely to leave, improving loyalty and reducing turnover. Over time, we’ll grow an army of highly observant, skilled, and creative problem solvers who can be invited to help their organizations meet new challenges.

Get Your Organization on the New Problem-Solving Path™ Today

The Problem-Solving Path™ begins with Problem-Solving Yellow Belt Training & Certification, the newest version of our popular introductory course that quickly introduces teams to the basic elements of problem-solving using the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

The path continues with our Green Belt Training & Certification (coming Summer 2021), which dives in-depth into data-driven problem solving using the DMAIC methodology. From there, team members can move on to our Black Belt Training & Certification (coming December 2021), an advanced problem-solving course that builds leadership and statistical skills.

At each level, our immersive, entertaining learning environment accelerates buy-in, adoption, and results while allowing organizations to easily integrate planning, coaching, and facilitation (add-on services provided).


As a globally recognized leader in Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification, has trained over 260,411 learners in more than 231 countries and territories. The web-based company has had the privilege to work with more than 3,000 clients, including Amazon, Facebook, Disney, and Whole Foods.

Please visit to learn more about our new Problem-Solving Path™, begin a FREE TRIAL, or schedule a demo. Government, education, nonprofit, and military discounts are available.

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