How the NuDyn Injectable is Revolutionizing the Field of Regenerative Medicine

MERIDIAN, ID, January 21, 2021 /Neptune100/ — NuDyn is an injectable amniotic membrane allograft ethically derived from placenta that is donated after cesarean delivery. The natural properties of the amniotic membrane (including hyaluronic acid, growth factors, and collagen) assist in lubricating, supporting, and protecting tissue. This short, convenient procedure is even covered by Medicare and has been shown to safely ease pain and discomfort without the use of steroids, surgery, or addictive medications.

NuDyn can be used in the following fields to treat a vast array of conditions:

Sports medicine
Pain management

What Are the Additional Benefits of NuDyn?

1. It is safely derived. First, there is extensive donor screening, and all tissue collected from cesarean births are done so from young, healthy donors. This ensures viable, potent tissue.

2. It exceeds FDA-required tests. A certified third-party lab conducts rigorous testing to ensure the product’s safety, and quality well exceeds FDA requirements.

3. It is shelf-stable. The injectable is sterilized in order for it to be shelf-stable at normal room temperatures. This enables NuDyn to maintain its beneficial properties without the need for additional or special equipment.

4. It does not require reconstitution. Thanks to its liquid state, there is no need for healthcare providers to spend time adding a specific volume of saline to return the injection to a liquid state before administering it to a patient.

5. It is acellular. Because the injectable is truly acellular, it is devoid of chorion (the fetal part of the placenta) and only contains amnion (the membrane which surrounds the embryo). It is also considered non-immunogenic, meaning it is extremely unlikely that NuDyn will provoke a negative immune response in the body.

What Other Services Do the Doctors at Advanced Regenerative Medicine of Idaho Provide?

There are many other services that our doctors here at Advanced Regenerative Medicine of Idaho provide, including:

Platelet-rich plasma therapy and PRP facials
Regenerative cellular tissue therapy for pain relief
Hair restoration
Hormone therapy
Regenerative treatments for erectile dysfunction
Medical weight loss
Acoustic wave therapy

Who is Dr. Griffin?

Dr. Justin Griffin was proudly born and raised in the Boise area. He credits his love of the region to its wonderful people and vast recreational opportunities. As a native, he grew up white water kayaking on the Payette River, riding motorcycles on 8th street, and backpacking in the Sawtooths. Dr. Griffin attended BSU/BYU and is a huge Boise State University football fan. He went on to earn his doctorate from Western State Chiropractic College and has been actively practicing for 14 years. Currently, he specializes in neuropathy here at Advanced Regenerative Medicine of Idaho. Aside from his practice, Dr. Griffin enjoys spending time with his 4 wonderful children and his wife. He is also actively involved in his church and community.