Liberty Automotive providing its customers with peace of mind during trying times.

OCEAN, NJ, July 23, 2020 /Neptune100/ — All car owners suffer from the common dilemma regarding whether or not to buy an Extended Warranty (also known as auto protection or vehicle service contract) for their vehicle. However, the problem doesn’t end there. Because even if you make up your mind to purchase auto protection, there is still the big decision to make: which company to buy it from?

As it is, there are far too many companies operating within the automotive industry who offer auto insurance plans. However, unfortunate as it is, the industry is also full of unscrupulous businesses that promise heavens at the time of making the sale. And yet, when the time comes to fulfilling those promises, the car owner is made to face all sorts of hazards even to get a simple and straightforward claim processed and to receive payment which is due to him.

This is why it is of utmost importance that you be on your guard before buying an extended warranty for your vehicle. Ask your friends and colleagues, do your own research (look up the relevant forums, see whether or not a business is BBB accredited and what sort of rating it enjoys at BBB, read as many customer reviews as you can, etc.) and go with a company only when you feel sure enough that you won’t be facing any hazards at all in terms of client support, claims processing, etc.

Liberty Automotive Protection

Now, Liberty Automotive Protection is one of the services with whom you can feel safe and sure. The company is an industry leader in the field and enjoys a high reputation nationwide for a number of reasons.

First of all, as a policyholder with Liberty Auto, you’ll never face any issues when it comes to making a claim. If your car breaks down, all you need to do is to dial the Liberty Automotive Protection Phone Number (800-599-9557) and provide the details of the situation to the company rep. As long as the damaged part or component is under coverage, the company will communicate with the repair service and the payment will be made directly to the repair facility.
This means that you won’t even need to pay the cash out of your pocket and wait till your claim is processed. This instant and hassle-free method of claims processing is one of the foremost reasons behind the popularity Liberty Auto enjoys among its customers.

This is not all, however. The value-added features that come with different Liberty Auto programs also allow you to make as many claims as required before the policy expires. In other words, unlike some other companies, Liberty Auto doesn’t set any ceilings as to how many claims you can make within a single policy term or duration.

In addition, with Liberty Auto, you have the liberty to repair your car at any accredited car repair facility of your choice. This is in stark contrast with some auto insurance companies that will reimburse your claim only if you get your car repaired from repair services they are affiliated with. However, there are no such restrictions with Liberty Automotive Plans. You can simply go to your favorite mechanic or car repair facility and as mentioned earlier, the company will pay the repair service directly from their end.

Another telling benefit is that you get to transfer your policy when you sell your car. This means the new owner will not only receive your car but the coverage as well (which obviously increases the value of your car). Just make sure that you call the Liberty Automotive Protection Phone Number and let them know that you are selling the car. The company will do the paperwork required for the coverage transfer once it receives the details about the transactions.

For information on different auto protection plans (and other benefits) that Liberty Auto offers to its customers, call a customer executive at Liberty Automotive Protection Phone Number 800-599-9557. Alternatively, you can visit their website at