compares American and Canadian Amazon prices in a single search, applying exchange rates, credit card foreign transaction fees, and applicable taxes

ABBOTSFORD, BC, July 23, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Abbotsford company Interlinked Technologies has released their newest website COMPARIZON.CA, which provides free price comparisons of Amazon products between Canada and the USA. While residents of border towns like Abbotsford often order products from American companies and cross the border to pick them up, comparing prices manually is time consuming and is the first tool to help automate these comparisons.

“From my own experience, comparing American and Canadian Amazon prices involves opening multiple browser windows, making sure you are comparing the right product, and then getting out your calculator to convert the prices to Canadian dollars and add taxes,” said Josh Loewen, CEO, Interlinked. “Comparizon lets consumers do a single search and then presents them with price estimates in Canadian dollars, after calculating exchange, credit card fees, and taxes”.

The website has been designed to make price comparisons as quick and easy as possible for users. A simple search will bring up pages of matching products from Amazon, each with the prices already converted to Canadian dollars and the best price estimate being presented first. Amazon’s New, Used, Collectible and Refurbished prices are also available, all converted to Canadian dollars after exchange, fees, and taxes are estimated.

Comparizon uses your location to find the closest land border so that it can apply the appropriate provincial and US state/city taxes. It also adds the often forgotten foreign transaction fee that most Canadian credit cards add to purchases made in American dollars (these taxes and fees can be modified within the website). It then presents the final calculations as an estimated price, along with a quick link to the appropriate Amazon site for the final purchase. Or, products can be added to a Comparizon list for later purchase all at once.

Comparizon is currently in beta, which according to the website means “we are still testing and tweaking”.

Interlinked is based in Abbotsford, BC. We specialize in web applications that collect, store, and organize web-based data.