Veteran-owned solar-based firm provides environmentally feasible recharging resources where no power structure is available

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, March 21, 2021 /Neptune100/ — Today the executives of Missouri-based NewTek Energy, LLC announced the appointment of an independent sales consultant in Salt Lake City, Utah to market the innovative firm’s solar-based products in the region. “Our offerings are designed to allow independence in outdoor spaces such as park hiking trails and school campuses where people need to recharge their electronic devices such as cellphones, laptops, and even electronic bicycles with ease and safety to remain connected with work, school, and social circles,” said Mr. Glyn Strong who is Vice President of Global Development at NewTek.

The company’s basic model is the Grasshopper that is designed to bring clean, green energy to any location without connection to the grid. The small footprint stand is self-sustaining and comes optional with security camera monitoring, custom colors, and WiFi capabilities, among others. The larger Solis model has a stylish sitting bench with two chargers in the armrests that can be finished to match the décor of the surrounding environment. The Apollo series has both USB and AC power connections with seating for four that can be customized to a client’s color requirements. The largest models in the Helios line can be configured with hammocks or an 8-person table with a shade structure and standard lighting.

“We can configure all four models per the client’s needs, including colors and other options,” stressed Mr. Strong, who also mentioned the company will soon release other environmentally feasible new products that suit both domestic and international tastes. The company is expanding further into other countries at the appropriate time.

For more information on NewTek’s product offerings, please contact Mr. Bryan Christiansen in Salt Lake City, Utah at (801) 800-1095 and visit to see testimonials by satisfied clients. Christiansen is a 35-year veteran of the high-technology industry who is fluent in Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish.

Incorporated in 2018, NewTek Energy, LLC is a Missouri-based manufacturing company with a mission to provide innovative energy solutions for clients on a global basis. After 18 months of engineering design and prototype development, NewTek was ready to unveil its product line of off grid solar charging stations. These units were designed with the needs of outdoor recreational facilities, campgrounds and entertainment venues in mind. NewTek Energy has been focusing its attention on the development and training of a North American sales force which includes a combination of authorized dealers and independent sales representatives. NewTek continues to design and develop even more innovative energy solutions to appeal to an ever broadening market both domestically and internationally.