A good dentist is more than just a teeth fixer; a dentist has a vital role to play in your overall health. Noblesville dentist, Dr. Mike Deldar, looks at dentistry from a “whole-body perspective”.

NOBLESVILLE, IN, December 02, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Many people don’t associate a visit to the dentist with their quality of life. But in fact, having those regular dental check-ups is not just about maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. They are about maintaining and improving your quality of life. You are looking for a dentist Noblesville, who focuses on overall health, and only uses safe, non-toxic procedures and materials.

Perhaps you have been frustrated that most dentists do not look at the whole body and they only seem interested in fixing teeth. It’s very important to find a family dentist Noblesville who you can trust.

A good dentist in Noblesville is an “Early Warning System”

Your oral health and your overall health have some profound connections. When a good dentist looks into your mouth, they see some remarkable oral clues about your health. It’s as if your mouth is a window into the rest of your body. So your dentist is like an “Early Warning System” who can spot problems your doctor needs to address before they become more serious. For example, early signs of systemic disease like diabetes and HIV/AIDS often show up in the mouth first.

Problems in your mouth can lead to bigger problems in your overall health. Oral inflammation from gingivitis may also have a role in clogged arteries and blood clots. Gum infections have been connected to heart attacks and strokes. Periodontitis has been linked to pregnancy and birth complications such as premature birth and low birth weight.

A good dentist will ask you about any changes in your overall health, and about any medications you are taking. Having this “whole body” approach is how a dentist plays an important role in improving your quality of life. After all, without your oral and overall health, you will experience a reduced quality of life.

Finding a dentist Noblesville with a “whole body” perspective should be easy, clear and simple.

Dr. Mike Deldar is a Noblesville dentist with over 20 years of experience. He has over 3500 happy patients at his Noblesville dental clinic. Dr. Deldar’s mantra is “Improving your quality of life.”

Here’s the 3 easy steps working with a Noblesville dentist with a whole body approach:

1. Let’s meet
2. Let’s talk about your oral and your overall health
3. Let’s improve your quality of life

Trust Dr. Deldar as your dentist Noblesville to use a whole body approach to take care of your oral health, and improve your quality of life.

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