Pur & Co. reinforces a key message in the industry that cat grooming needs are different from dogs

Pur & Co., a start-up from Hong Kong, redefines the global pet grooming industry with its new range of organic grooming products created explicitly for cats. It also challenges the common notion that dogs and cats have similar grooming needs and same products work well on both.

“Cats have different grooming needs than dogs, but this is not given enough attention in the pet grooming industry. Pur & Co. products have been designed to create a clear segment for cat grooming products and highlight the need for separate products for cats,” said Grace, Founder of Pur & Co. All Pur & Co. products will be available for purchase in the US.

The company highlights that most animal grooming products available on the market carry Permethrin, a harmful ingredient for cats that can cause serious illnesses such as respiratory paralysis, muscle contraction, and even death.

As per the latest report, over 58 million cats are owned as pets in the US alone. However, there aren’t any dedicated grooming products for them. “In the United States alone, there are no regulations for pet cosmetics. Some products claim to be organic without any official validation, which means many products have harmful ingredients to our pets and us,” Grace remarked.

The Pur & Co. products have been developed after extensive research and thus, offer pH6; all products are Permethrin free, fragrance and essential-oil free, which are known to cause severe organ damage. The range provides a dry-cleaning mousse and natural tearless shampoo, both created from food-grade ingredients and thus, are completely organic and safe even if ingested. Not all ingredients are Ecocert and USDA certified.

“Being a cat mum, I had a hard time finding the right product for my cats, and even after researching, I couldn’t find anything because there isn’t anything developed just for cats,” said Grace. “At that moment, I decided to create Pur & Co., and since then, it has been our mission to provide the best organic products for our furry friends,” she further noted. 

Pur & Co. donates a part of its profit directly to the rescue and animal welfare organization, thus working towards creating a sustainable future for animals.

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