Considering the likelihood of having more than 1,000 attendees at a pharma event, access control is a challenge that requires experienced professionals who can prevent unauthorized bad actors from disrupting the event

LEBANON, NJ, February 25, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The K Street Group, LLC announced today they will formalize their Special Operations Units focus on the pharmaceutical meeting and events market sector. Established in 2007, The K Street Group has been providing elaborate high-level security for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical entities.

By there own nature, the Pharmaceutical industry has unique access control requirements when it comes to a highly attended sales and marketing meeting. When you consider the confidential information being shared and presented, along with the location and exposure of the property to outsiders—having an inexperienced uniformed security officer is simply not adequate any longer.

With new research to share, important ideas to exchange, and complex problems that need to be solved, the last thing any pharmaceutical meeting planner wants to confront is having a tourist strolling in wearing flip-flops, a wedding party raiding the buffet, or competitors snapping photos or recording research findings. Then consideration must be given to all the social gatherings and receptions where unlimited alcohol is being served for several hours at a time—it’s the perfect storm for tarnishing a corporate reputation, and a huge liability exposure.

Meetings and event security need to be more substantial than just an IT tech and a couple of badge-checkers at the general session ballroom. Pharmaceutical and medical industry meeting planners are under more scrutiny to stay compliant with the latest codes of conduct from authorities such as PhRMA, AdvaMed, and the The Physician Payments Sunshine Act. The stakes for non-compliance are increasing—from fines of up to $1 million and in some circumstances, even jail time.

The K Street Group can provide that level of security that goes well beyond what you believe may be adequate. Our Special Operations Unit are subject matter, suit and tie experts in pharmaceutical meetings and event security oversight, and can create a flexible program to protect your most important assets.

Some of our service offerings are;

• Positive identification access control using proprietary RFID technology
• Executive protection for senior leadership speakers and attendees
• Electronic surveillance of ballroom and break out rooms to ensure no eavesdropping devices have been installed
• Venue risk, threat and vulnerability assessments
• Off-property activities/reception advance and access control
• Medical response support
• Liaison with venue security management and local law enforcement agencies
• Lost and found of corporate property
• Secure transport for senior leadership
• US and EU support teams

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