Cost-Effective PPE from Jersey

EDISON, NJ, February 10, 2021 /Neptune100/ — Pipeline Medical has been appointed as an authorized distributor of the NIOSH-approved Venus N95 masks for North America. The news comes at a time when many hospital systems, nursing homes, schools, and businesses still lack sufficient supply of N95 masks, and counterfeit N95 masks are becoming a growing concern. The N95 mask filters out both large and small particles the wearer inhales and blocks 95% of very small particles, offering more protection than surgical or cloth masks.

Pipeline Medical, a leading medical supply aggregator, has 13 years of expertise in streamlining the way in which medical supplies are delivered throughout the US and currently distributes its NIOSH-approved N95 respirators and other PPE products to leading hospital systems as well as state and local governments across the country, including, The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, The Mayo Clinic, San Diego, Philadelphia and more.

As the pandemic has failed to abate and new COVID19 strains have emerged, Zachary Ducharme, CEO of Pipeline Medical noted, “There is currently an inadequate supply of N95 masks for those in need. These masks are no longer only utilized by frontline responders, we have been seeing a spike in demand from non-medical organizations, schools, retail establishments and individuals.”

“For Pipeline Medical, it’s always been about the people. We are dedicated to providing a steady supply of cost-effective, high-quality masks to those in need,” Mr. Ducharme said. Pipeline’s ability to distribute the high-quality Venus NIOSH N95 masks in large quantities is good news for communities. Recently, the Biden administration announced the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021, which among other things, states the intent of reimbursing all PPE related costs to schools. That will also create an increase in demand for N95 masks.

About Pipeline Medical
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